Laguna Grill Restaurant

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Laguna Grill Restaurant booth with window and lake view in Big Bear, CA.
Cocktail menu and drink at Laguna Grill Restaurant.
Laguna Grill Restaurant exterior front parking in Big Bear.
Fish dish with beans and rice at Laguna Grill Restaurant.
Laguna Grill Restaurant burrito plate with fries.
Laguna Grill Restaurant guacamole and margarita in Big Bear.
Margarita and beer at Laguna Grill Restaurant in Big Bear, CA.
Laguna Grill Restaurant patio and nature view.
Specialty dish at Laguna Grill Restaurant in Big Bear, CA.
Laguna Grill Restaurant steak with beans and rice.


Welcome to Laguna Grill Restaurant, the perfect spot for a memorable dining experience in Big Bear, California! 

In 1995, the founders set out to bring a fusion of traditional and innovative cuisine to the heart of Big Bear. Their passion for quality food, attentive service, and an enjoyable atmosphere quickly turned this eatery into a favorite destination.

Over the years, Laguna Grill Restaurant continued to grow by updating the menu, using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, and ensuring a warm and welcoming environment. 

They work diligently to maintain their reputation for providing an exceptional dining experience. To do this, they consistently serve savory dishes and well-crafted drinks that keep customers returning for more.

The restaurant's core values are teamwork, respect, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence, reflected in their daily operations. 

Laguna Grill Restaurant's commitment to sustainability, strong relationships with local suppliers, and tasty food make the eatery a top choice for food lovers visiting the Big Bear area.


On your Big Bear vacation, Laguna Grill Restaurant is about casual sophistication and rustic charm. Pull up to this quaint building adorned with blooming flowers and beautiful wooden accents and instantly feel at ease. 

As you step inside, you'll be greeted by a warm, inviting atmosphere with stunning views of the mountains and lake. All of which adds to a unique dining experience.

The restaurant's interior features a cozy yet stylish design, with exposed brick walls, elegant lighting, and comfortable seating arrangements. The open-concept kitchen provides a sneak peek into the magic behind the scenes, witnessing the culinary expertise that sets Laguna Grill Restaurant apart.

The outdoor patio is the perfect spot for enjoying your meal al fresco on a warm summer evening. Enjoy the calming sounds of nature, fresh mountain air, and unparalleled lake views while savoring your delicious dining choices.

Laguna Grill Restaurant: Menu & Drinks

At Laguna Grill Restaurant, every Mexican dish is carefully crafted by expert chefs who love to showcase the best in local and international flavors. 

Be sure to try the table-side guacamole. Watch as your server prepares fresh guac to your specifications, using only fresh ingredients. 

A customer rave is a molcajete, which is large enough to share. The shrimp, chicken, and carne asada are tender and not overcooked. The nopales and green onions have perfect grill marks, which enhance the flavor. The sauce has small pieces of chorizo, making it uniquely flavorful. For a spicy kick, add the grilled jalapenos that are provided.

Another favorite is the tacos, like the Mahi grilled tacos. Using fresh ingredients, these street-style tacos are filling and tasty. You can't go wrong with these crowd-pleasers!

When the sweet tooth needs satisfying, try the churros with chocolate sauce!

Adult beverages at Laguna Grill Restaurant are refreshing, and they have  a good selection of beers and the marquee of any Mexican restaurant, margaritas.  

For authentic Mexican food that won't break the bank, you can't go wrong with dining at Laguna Grill Restaurant. 

Local Tips

  • Make a reservation to secure a table with the best lake views.
  • Parking can be found in the dedicated lot behind the restaurant.
  • Don't miss out on their
  • Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options are available on the menu.
  • Delivery and takeout options are also available.


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