Five Fun Santa Barbara Events

No matter what time of year you visit, there are bound to be a few exciting Santa Barbara events happening. Indeed, thousands of tourists flock to their coastal vacation rentals each year just to take in this city’s exceptional festivals. Whether you’re a film junkie or a foodie, you’re bound to find a few Santa Barbara events to suit your preferences.

Santa Barbara Film Festival (SBIFF)

The SBIFF is one of the city’s earliest and most popular festivals. Usually held in late January and early February, the SBIFF lasts for eleven days and attracts some of the film industry’s leading actors and directors. In addition to a diverse array of new film screenings, guests will find old classics, animated pictures, and foreign films playing at some of the city’s most iconic theatres. During the SBIFF, there are also numerous panel discussions and award ceremonies. Any film enthusiasts in need of a winter holiday must visit their vacation rentals at the American Riveria during the SBIFF.

International Orchid Show

The central Californian coast has a moderate Mediterranean climate, which has made it easy for horticulturalists to grow an impressive array of exotic plants. Ever since the start of the 1900s, orchids have become one of the region’s most distinctive flowers. Indeed, the orchid business became so big in the mid-1900s that the city eventually decided to create the annual International Orchid Show in the 1940s. This three-day show is still going strong to this day and features thousands of different orchid varieties for guests to marvel over. Anyone interested in beautiful orchids shouldn’t miss this March festival.

Summer Solstice Celebration

The origins of the Summer Solstice Celebration go back to 1974 when an artist named Michael Gonzalez and a few friends decided to dance on State Street in dresses. This odd event obviously struck a cord in the city because it inspired the Summer Solstice festivities. Most of the action in this celebration takes place at Alameda Park and includes a funky parade, street vendors, and plenty of live music. This festival usually runs for four days in June.

California Wine Festival

The American Riviera has some of the world’s most lauded vineyards. Indeed, one of the top tourist attractions while visiting this area is to go wine tasting in the city’s many exquisite wineries. If you want a thorough sampling of Californian wine, however, then book your trip during the annual California Wine Festival in July. Well over 70 wineries in the Golden State take part in this annual three-day event that also features live music, educational seminars, and food tastings.

Harbor & Seafood Festival

America’s Riviera has an eclectic array of world-class eateries, but it’s perhaps best known for its local seafood. Due to the city’s location along the Californian coast, it makes sense that Santa Barbara would have some of the finest seafood in the USA. The best way to enjoy Central Californian seafood is to visit during the Harbor & Seafood Festival. At this special one-day festival, people get to meet local fishermen face-to-face as they purchase locally caught crabs, lobsters, sea urchins, and more. There’s nothing like eating a warm meal prepared right in front of you with fresh-caught fish! The Harbor & Seafood Festival usually takes place in October.