Santa Barbara Tours: Here Are Some Important Things To Know!

If you are seeking a memorable vacation in Santa Barbara, California, there are many excursions to do to enjoy this beautiful city of many attractions. Whether you are considering vacation rentals, water sports, or helicopter views, the city of Santa Barbara truly has something for everyone to enjoy.

There are many things to be aware of when considering one of the many fun, educational, breathtaking, unique, and memorable Santa Barbara tours available today.

Wine Tours

What is beautiful California without wine tours? Whether it is a private wine tour for two or a wine tour for a group of four or more, there are plenty of wine tours to choose from. Enjoy this city for a day of tastings, wine education, and up-close-and-personal views of winemaking facilities. There are also tours which feature wine and cupcakes, and many other wine and food pairings. The best news is that there is plenty of creativity for companies and wineries that host these wine tours specific to this famous and beautiful city.

Helicopter Tours

While there are many tours of this Southern California city as well as state tours, helicopters do provide one of the best opportunities for a beautiful view of the many scenic and jaw-dropping places in the Golden State. And for those who have no fear of heights, these helicopter tours provide a real treat. The good news is that you can snap a few pictures of some sea life like whales, and other natural wonders all while flying through the air with friends or family as part of this helicopter tour.

One of the fun features regarding choosing a helicopter tour is the opportunity to ride in a limousine. There is also the opportunity to ride in style in a luxury vehicle. A limo can pick people up from their vacation rentals that are located in this city and deliver them to the helicopter launch pad. There is usually a meet and greet with the helicopter pilot who will help small groups or couples enjoy some fantastic views and unique sites of this lovely California city from way above the confines of earth.

Whale Watching Tours

Whale watching is a huge part of Santa Barbara tours. Whether it is a cruise ship tour with a designated stop for all to view the whales at play, or a private fishing boat tour, there is plenty of Pacific Ocean to take in as one gets a glimpse of Humpback whales, Blue Whales, and the Spotted Gray Whales. Although some whale watching tours only run from May until September, it is worth snapping a few memorable experiences with your camera.

Food Tours

If you are in the mood for touring this famous California city on foot, while having a taste of all that this big city has to offer then you are in the right place. Some of these food-related tours can range from an hour to over three hours, but they will undoubtedly provide some impressive views to behold and many new foods to sample. These food tours are suitable for all ages and help to enlighten tourists and locals alike about the unique fare that makes Santa Barbara a great place to visit and experience.

Boat and Water Sport Tours

For those who are into water sports, there are plenty of tours of one day or many days. You can choose from kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, and more. Whether it is Santa Barbara Harbor, the city’s historic pier, or an exploration of the coast, the options are plentiful for boat tours and water related-tours.