Rarely do you find anyone frowning in Santa Barbara. When you are out having fun in the coastal sun it is hard to stay in a bad mood. Watch your frown turn upside down while you play in the water. Rediscover your joy with the help of vacation rentals on the California coast. Take a moment right now to consider your favorite water activity.

Everyone has a mental picture available for that retreat needed when the summer heat is at its worst. If your picture includes fishing on a gorgeous mountain lake, Santa Barbara has you covered. Santa Barbara water sports like surfing may catch your fancy. Again, got you covered on that one. Put a check mark beside stand up paddling and snorkeling amid reefs filled with stunning fish and beautiful coral.

Sea Caves, Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking – Channel Islands has Them All.

Take a short ferry ride to the pristine Channel Islands. Locate the spot where your dreams of sea kayaking throughout some of the world’s finest sea caves rocket into reality. Occasionally, dolphins join your sea kayak adventure. They suddenly appear, acting as the ocean’s most familiar guides while leading you to places you never imagined. Combine your favorite water sports to go sea kayaking half of the day and snorkeling the other half.

Spend the whole day at Painted Cave, located within the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. Explore one of the world’s largest sea caves and let Painted Cave help you locate the awe and wonder you thought you had misplaced. Paddle throughout Painted Cave in your sea kayak. Do not be afraid to take a break to go snorkeling through the kelp beds in this amazing marine sanctuary. Its protected status lets you see otters, rare birds, wildlife and dolphins while they invite you to their home for an exclusive visit.

Come, Sail Away Along the Coast

Sailing the ocean waters brings a rush to the senses. Lean again the bow and see nothing but yourself, flying on the water. Learn to sail small sailing craft using the rudder to steer close to the water. If you prefer larger sailboats, grab hold of the wheel and learn navigation and boating expertise that you can take with you anywhere.

For a real treat, spend the day on the water in several sailing adventures. Begin by windsurfing and skipping like a stone along the waves. Switch to a small catamaran and navigate the coastline with your rudder and sails. Move on to a sailboat with a cabin and a wheel for the afternoon and venture further out into the clear, blue ocean waves. End the day with a sunset dinner cruise that extends into the night’s stars. A day spent doing what you love out on the water will give you unforgettable memories as infinite as the ocean.

See the View from Whales to Marlin

Your water sports vision may be one where you see yourself heading out with a group for a whale watching adventure. Try to describe the delight you feel when one of these enormous creatures greets you and your tour, dwarfing you with the size of its tail alone.

Deep-sea fishing remains an unrealized dream for most sports fisherman. Do not miss your chance to go out to sea with an expert charter fishing boat captain. It is not unusual to catch fish you have only seen in pictures and only heard about in the biggest fishing stories ever told. The Pacific Ocean is chalk full of feisty fish just daring you to catch them. Imagine the fish stories you can tell back home with one of your trophies mounted on the wall as proof you are telling the truth.

What is Your Dream?

Vacation rentals in Santa Barbara make all of these water activities and sports very real and accessible. Located along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, this city offers mountain retreats and ocean marinas all in one day. The time has come to make your daydream come true to dream about tonight.