If you’ve been dying to take a trip to California, Santa Barbara is the perfect destination. Nestled perfectly between the towering Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara California offers a beautiful landscape with a wealth of activities. The city is frequently referred to as the “American Riviera” as a result of the Mediterranean-like climate. Find out why Santa Barbara California is such a popular tourist destination by staying at one of our vacation rental condos.

Choosing rental condos in Santa Barbara California from property management experts is the perfect choice for your trip for many reasons. Staying in a condo offers many advantages over a hotel, such as a full kitchen. This can allow you to save significant money by cooking some of your own meals while on your trip. With a deck or patio, you can count on having a decent amount of space to unwind after a day of sightseeing. Staying in a rental condo can give you an idea of what it feels like to actually live in the city you’re visiting as opposed to being a tourist.

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We’ve been offering vacation rentals in a variety of exciting locations for over 20 years. As experts in property management, you can count on us to ensure that everything goes smoothly for your trip. When you’ve been planning a getaway to California, you want to focus on relaxation and enjoyment, not worrying about the property. We make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your stay in a clean and luxurious vacation rental, perfect as the starting point for your Californian adventure.

What to See

Downtown Santa Barbara has something for everyone. The Granada Theatre is a landmark in the local area and is a cutting edge performing arts venue. The downtown area also offers a wide variety of choices for shopping against a beautiful landscape. You won’t find the area lacking in terms of choices for food, as you can select from a wide variety of first rate restaurants or even take a food tour with a local guide to experience the area’s amazing cuisine. Walk by the Santa Barbara County Courthouse to check out some of the Spanish-Colonial style architecture this area is known for, or better yet, come inside for a free your.

While Napa Valley is typically the first to come to mind, Santa Barbara Wine Country is the perfect destination for wine lovers. Located near the Pacific Ocean, the Santa Ynez Valley offer conditions ideal for growing grapes for world class wines. With so many local wineries in the area you may not know where to start. Thankfully you can find a large selection of tours that will ensure you get to sample some of the best wines the region has to offer while not having to worry about driving back later. Enjoy a day out in an amazing outdoor setting while exciting your taste buds.

If you’re into wilderness and nature, no trip to Santa Barbara would be complete without a trip to Los Padres National Forest. With hundreds of miles of trails perfect for hiking and ten designated wilderness areas, Los Padres is the ideal destination if you want to experience the incredible natural wonders the state is famous for. The forest is also home to a number of threatened and endangered species, such as the California condor, peregrine falcon, mountain lion and California mule deer, as well as a host of other magnificent and varied species.

Hit the Beach

Many people visit California for its world-class beaches, and Santa Barbara does not disappoint. Here you’ll find three main beaches, East Beach, West Beach, and Leadbetter. East Beach is a popular choice among local residents as it is a bit further from the downtown area and therefore less crowded. It is also home to volleyball courts if you’re looking for some fun physical activity. Leadbetter Beach is located close to the harbor, and is a popular destination for a number of activities such as sailing, windsurfing, and surfing. West Beach is home to popular events such as the West Beach Music & Arts Festival, as well as 4th of July and New Years shows. It is so close to the harbor that swimming is prohibited, but windsurfing and kayaking are widely practiced here.


Discover some local history by visiting the Mission Santa Barbara. The Mission is situated on a 13 acre property offering an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. In addition to the church itself you will also find a museum of artifacts and a historic cemetery and mausoleum with remains of Native Americans and early settlers. Don’t miss La Huerta Historical Garden, which is a living botanical museum where you’ll find authentic plants that thrived during the Mission Era (1769-1834).

When you’re ready for your California getaway, don’t forget to check out our Santa Barbara vacation rentals.