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Fresh food, live music, art, hand-made gifts, and more. You'll find a bit of everything here at the seasonal, outdoor Mermaid Market!

The Mermaid Market in Puerto Peñasco was started 10 years ago by Russ and Naomi Black. Their mission was to create a way for local artists and photographers to sell their products. As well as bring the community together! Today, the market has grown to host 25-30+ vendors every Saturday! The event is held the 1st and 3rd Saturday from October to the end of May. Though, some Saturdays they may not hold a market due to weather or other circumstances. The best way to stay up to date is by following their official Facebook page or checking out their website.

The market takes place in Shrimp Park which is on the corner of Benito Juarez and Blvd. Freemont from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. There is no admission charge to get into the Mermaid Market and parking is free. So, this is a fantastic place to hang out, shop around, enjoy music, try local food vendors, and spend time with the family at no cost!

What can you purchase at the Mermaid Market?

Here, you can find hand-made greeting cards from Creative Card Therapy. Also, check out wine bottle lights made by Beverly. They are adorned with shell art, crochet scarves and shawls from Maria. Additionally, you can purchase adorable blankets and booties.

There is unique artwork from local artist Tony Ballesteros, hand painted gauze apparel by Carlotta, fresh baked breads, a nice line of cosmetics, apparel for men and women created by Naomi (Naomi has more than just apparel). Further, find adult beverages and specialty margaritas freshly made by Russ Black! 

Plan to spend lunch in the park and enjoy the great BBQ from the Rocky Point BBQ House, banana leaf wrapped tamales from Javier and Linda or Mexican food. There are several jewelers selling their hand crafted jewelry as well as hand crafted soaps. 

If you are looking for a special gift or perhaps some new decorations for you home, the Mermaid Market will not disappoint you. Many people love anything about Frida Kahlo, so here you will find many hand painted pictures of her. Gloria’s from the Cholla Bay Mall sells her hand crafted shell art which can go in every home. You can also find Mexican table clothes and blankets for your home as well. If you like pictures of Rocky Point from years ago, you can find them at Mermaid Market. 

There are always new vendors joining in on the fun, so you never know what else you may find here! 

Local Tips

  • Event admission and parking are free.
  • This market is seasonal - taking place every 1st and 3rd Saturday in the winter/spring season. (From mid-October thru April-May)
  • Follow their Facebook page for updates and event calendar.


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