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Our Vacation Rentals

Are you looking to go to Mexico on your next vacation trip and are in search of a beautiful place to rent? If you are, we have the most amazing apartment and condo rentals in Sonoran Sun.

These vacation rentals are conveniently located because they provide a fantastic view of the ocean. Whether you choose to rent in a community or complex, we have all the rental types for you. Our accommodation options are super friendly and on another level!

If you want to rent a classy apartment or a beautiful condo in Rocky Point or its surroundings, we are your must-call rental property management company.

Sonoran Sun Rocky Point is the most attractive resort community in Mexico. We are in charge of managing over 117 properties so you have a variety of rentals to choose from.

Each property is uniquely designed with stylish details to make sure that regardless of the property you choose to rent, your vacation will be thrilling!

Vacation Rentals and Things to do at Sonoran Sun in Rocky Point Mexico

You will find a luxurious vacation rental in the above list of available properties at super friendly prices. Our aim is to make the renting process easier as you plan for interesting experiences away from your hustle! You, therefore, can focus on organizing your getaway activities as we save you the time and effort you would have spent searching for the ideal property.

Our team is ready to help you make bookings for elegant rentals at your convenience. Our customer service is also great since we provide the concise information you need.

Things to do at Sonoran Sun in Rocky Point Mexico

As the best rental property management company in Sonoran Sun Rocky Point in Mexico, we ensure to provide resources for a variety of interesting things to do.

For instance, our vacation rentals come with beachfront swimming pools where you can have a good time under the warm sun. You can also bask under the sun so you can relish your time with us.

There are also spas where you can enjoy a jacuzzi, a relaxing massage, and other activities that will promote your wellness.

Some of our vacation rentals are adjacent to wide beaches where you can enjoy the oceanic view as well as swim in the salty water.

For the clients who love engaging in outdoor activities, we also have an array of things to do. For instance, you can take a ride on the zip-line as you enjoy the view that the Mexican hills have to offer.

We also have tennis courts if you prefer to engage in sporting activities while on your vacation. Surfing is also a thrilling adventure for the clients who are into water sports.

Afterwards, you can indulge in our savory condiments prepared by a network of world-class chefs.

You can also have a good time in our bars where we have top-level barmen that will make exquisite cocktails and other beverages just for you.

There are also a number of offsite fun activities you could undertake such as banana boat rides and quad riding. These activities, however, do not have any affiliation with our rental resorts. As such, you have to consult the service providers for their terms and conditions.