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Tiki Fresh Food, the perfect spot for healthy food lovers in Puerto Peñasco!


If you're looking for vegetarian menu options, gluten-free food, and other healthy alternatives, this place is ideal for you. Strategically located on Sonora Street and Benito Juárez Boulevard, Tiki Fresh Food is the oasis of healthy cuisine you've been searching for.


At Tiki Fresh Food, you'll find a diverse and nutritious menu focused on healthy choices prepared with quality ingredients and the most suitable processes to take care of your well-being. From smoothies and natural juices to breakfast and lunch options, this place has everything you need to support you on your journey to a healthier life.


You can take delight In their breakfast menu  with sweet and savory choices that will provide you with the necessary energy to start your day. Meanwhile, in their lunch menu, you'll find a variety of options like poke bowls, wraps, paninis, baguettes, salads, and quesadillas, all prepared with a focus on fresh and healthy ingredients.


Now, it's time to discover the 3 must-try dishes that will make you come back to Tiki Fresh Food over and over again:

Must Try Menu Items

Must-try #1:

Omelet Wrap - A delicious burrito wrapped in spinach tortillas, filled with a vegetable mix, ham, cheese, and avocado omelet. A healthy and flavorful option.


Must-try #2:

Pesto Wrap - Chicken breast with pesto accompanied by spinach, tomato, goat cheese, and sunflower seeds. A tasty and healthy combo you can't miss.


Must-try #3:

Tuna Poke Bowl - A delight for fresh fish lovers. A base of rice, cucumber, carrot, pineapple, onion, jalapeño, avocado, and sesame seeds, all drizzled with chipotle dressing and fresh tuna.


In addition to offering delicious and healthy choices, Tiki Fresh Food provides take-out service, making it the perfect option to enjoy healthy food anytime and anywhere. If you have a special diet, don't worry, as Tiki Fresh Food can prepare your meal in advance to meet your dietary needs.


To complete the experience, during special seasons, Tiki Fresh Food offers prepared juice detoxes, an opportunity to cleanse and refresh your body. Furthermore, inside, you'll find a store with healthy products so you can take the healthy experience home with you.


In conclusion, Tiki Fresh Food is the perfect restaurant for those seeking healthy, vegetarian, and gluten-free food options in Puerto Peñasco. Its diverse and nutritious menu, combined with a focus on fresh and quality ingredients, makes this place a special spot for those who want to take care of their well-being without sacrificing taste. Don't hesitate to visit Tiki Fresh Food and indulge in their must-try healthy options! Enjoy your meal!


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Petfriendly: No

WiFi: Yes

Parking: Yes

Handicapped accessible: Yes

Terrace: No

Card payment: Yes

Cash payment: Yes

Online orders: No

Phone orders: Yes

Delivery: Yes


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