Sheve Shop

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¡Sheve Shop: the ideal place for lovers of the good life in Puerto Peñasco!


Thirsty for fun and delicious flavors? Sheve Shop is your undeniable destination! This restaurant bar with a sea view offers you more than just cold drinks and tasty meals. Here, every bite is a journey towards joy and relaxation in a fresh and vibrant atmosphere.


Located in the heart of Puerto Peñasco's hotel area, Sheve Shop is the magical corner we all dream of finding, the place where beers are cold, smiles are warm, and the fun never stops! If you're thirsty for seaside adventures and delicious dishes, Sheve Shop is your one-way ticket to absolute happiness. Worried about the city buzz? Don't be, here the real excitement is in this refuge with a personality as vast as the ocean.


The atmosphere at Sheve Shop is like that first drop of cold beer on a hot day: refreshing, exciting, and it makes you smile from ear to ear. Speaking of refreshing, you can't miss the magical experience of a freshly made Cherry Berry! It's like a cherry berry hug that transports you to a paradise of flavor!


In this culinary paradise, Jorge Hernández, affectionately known as Rocket, is the conductor of the gastronomic symphony that will make your taste buds dance with excitement. And when we talk about flavors, we can't overlook the salsa! Oh, that salsa! It is a true party in your mouth! It's spicy, yes, but so irresistible that you'll find yourself begging for more, no matter how red your cheeks get.


And what about the menu? It's a whirlwind of delights that will make your taste buds applaud with joy! From burgers topped with onion rings and bacon to the famous camarones gobernador (governor shrimp), every bite is a direct journey to coastal happiness.


Ready for the 3 must-tries that will make you believe you're in a paradise of flavors?

Must Try Menu Items

Must-Try #1:

Onion Rings and Bacon Burger: A burger so juicy and delicious you'll want to applaud with every bite. Paradise in a bun!


Must-Try #2:

Camarones Gobernador (Governor Shrimp): These shrimp are like little kings of the sea, with their creamy cheese and unparalleled flavor. You won't be able to resist their charm!


Must-Try #3:

Tacos al Pastor: Ready for a fiesta on your taste buds? Tacos al pastor are like an explosion of flavors that will make you dance with joy.


So, if you're in Puerto Peñasco, we invite you to join the gastronomic party at Sheve Shop. Order your Cherry Berry, toast to the good life, and let yourself be carried away by the sea breeze, delicious food, and infectious laughter. Because here, at Sheve Shop, every moment is a reason to celebrate. Cheers and enjoy to the fullest, friends!

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Petfriendly: No

WiFi: Yes

Parking: Yes

Handicapped accessible: Yes

Terrace: No

Card payment: Si

Cash payment: Yes

Online orders: No

Phone orders: Yes

Delivery: Yes



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