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Puesta del Sol Restaurant: Exquisite Gastronomy by the Sea in Puerto Peñasco


In the beautiful coastal city of Puerto Peñasco, known as "Rocky Point" by locals and visitors alike, you'll find the charming restaurant Puesta del Sol, located at Playa Bonita Resort. This beachfront restaurant captivates its diners with a perfect combination of delicious Mexican cuisine, a relaxed ambiance, and a breathtaking ocean view. With its diverse menu and enviable location, Puesta del Sol is a must-visit for food enthusiasts and those seeking unforgettable moments by the sea.


Strategically situated at Playa Bonita Resort, Puesta del Sol is a true hidden gem for those seeking an exceptional culinary experience. Its rustic and cozy design, combined with the sea breeze and the soothing sound of waves, creates a perfect environment to relax and enjoy an unforgettable meal. With its privileged beachfront location, diners can indulge in a panoramic view of the Sea of Cortez, where the sun majestically sets over the crystal-clear waters.


Puesta del Sol's menu is an ode to the authentic flavors of Mexico, with an emphasis on Mexican breakfasts and fresh seafood. For those looking to start the day with energy, the restaurant offers a Mexican breakfast buffet, where expert chefs handcraft corn and flour tortillas, ensuring an authentic and delightful culinary experience.


As for dinner, the restaurant specializes in top-quality seafood, as well as “cielo, mar, y tierra” (sky, sea, and land) specialties, including juicy beef cuts. Among the must-try items on their menu, we share three stars that you shouldn't miss.

Must Try Menu Items

Must-Try #1:

The acclaimed breakfast buffet, where you can enjoy a variety of traditional Mexican breakfast dishes, including chilaquiles, chicharrones, and an omelet bar with unmatched flavors.


Must-Try #2:

Another dish not to be missed is the coconut shrimp, which perfectly combines the freshness of the sea with a crispy coating and an exotic flavor. Accompanied by a delicious baked potato and sautéed vegetables.


Must-Try #3:

The aguachile, a local specialty that will delight lovers of spicy and refreshing flavors. The shrimp aguachile has the perfect spiciness to savor with a nice, cold beer or a white wine that pairs perfectly with this delicacy.


In conclusion, Puesta del Sol Restaurant at Playa Bonita Resort is a true gastronomic paradise in Puerto Peñasco. From its incredible bar to its impressive selection of dishes, this place offers a unique culinary experience that combines the flavors of Mexican cuisine with the freshness of seafood and the beauty of the maritime environment.


Furthermore, the restaurant's location allows diners to enjoy a panoramic view of the Sea of Cortez while savoring their exquisite dishes. And let's not forget to mention that Puesta del Sol also has special spaces for events such as baby showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and weddings, where each celebration becomes even more magical with the backdrop of the ocean.


If you're looking for an unforgettable culinary experience in Puerto Peñasco, you can't miss the opportunity to visit Puesta del Sol Restaurant. Get ready to delight your senses with authentic flavors, enjoy the sea breeze, and marvel at the beauty of the Sea of Cortez. We assure you that your visit to this charming place will be a true pleasure for your palate and your eyes!


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Petfriendly: No

WiFi: Yes

Parking: Yes

Handicapped accessible: Yes

Terrace: Yes

Card payment: Yes

Cash payment: Yes

Online orders: No

Phone orders: Yes

Delivery: Yes


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