Mariscos El Conchal

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Mariscos El Conchal: Fresh Delights from the Sea of Cortés!


Welcome to Mariscos El Conchal, an emblematic seafood restaurant in Puerto Peñasco with a 14-year history of delighting its diners with the freshest seafood flavors. Located on Benito Juárez Boulevard, in a privileged area visible to all who visit Puerto Peñasco, this place has become a landmark for seafood lovers. Get ready to enjoy a unique culinary experience in an excellent ambiance with exceptional service. The venue features an air conditioned space, offering you comfort in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. At Mariscos El Conchal, you'll feel right at home while savoring the tastes of the sea.


The menu at Mariscos El Conchal is a true paradise for seafood enthusiasts. Here, you'll find a wide variety of dishes that highlight the fresh products from the Sea of Cortez. From tostadas with sierra, triggerfish, and shrimp ceviche to marlin, fish, shrimp, and octopus tacos, their menu is diverse and delicious. They also serve campechanas with all kinds of seafood, hot and cold bar dishes, aguachiles, and a selection of appetizers that includes snapper, molcajetes, oysters, turtle, toritos, and scallops, among others. Not to mention their 7-sea broth, shrimp, fish, bichis, and aguachiles. Their hot and cold bar is brimming with seafood delights that will make your mouth water! To accompany your meal, Mariscos El Conchal offers both national and international beers, micheladas, and options for the little ones, such as french fries, nuggets, and quesadillas.

Must Try Menu Items

Must-Try #1.

Crab “Hands”: A unique and delightful appetizer not commonly found on all seafood menus in Puerto Peñasco. The crab “hands” are accompanied by a tasty dipping sauce, allowing you to savor their soft texture and unmatched flavor.


Must-Try #2.

Tuna Tostada: One of the favorites among diners, the tuna tostada is an explosion of fresh flavors. With its combination of fresh tuna, carefully selected ingredients, and a special sauce, this tostada will captivate you with every bite.


Must-Try #3.

Garlic Octopus: For octopus lovers, the garlic octopus is an absolute must-try. The octopus is perfectly cooked in a delicious garlic sauce that enhances its flavor and texture. Each bite will be an unforgettable experience.


Mariscos El Conchal is a place you must visit if you love fresh and quality seafood. With its privileged location, refrigerated ambiance, and excellent service, this place offers an unparalleled culinary experience. Don't forget to try the three must-tries: the crab “hands”, the tuna tostada, and the garlic octopus. Each dish will transport you to the delights of the Sea of Cortez and leave you wanting more. At Mariscos El Conchal, freshness and flavor are the priority, and you'll witness it firsthand. Get ready to experience an extraordinary seafood adventure at Mariscos El Conchal!


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Petfriendly: Yes

WiFi: Yes

Parking: Yes

Handicapped accessible: Yes

Terrace: No

Card payment: Yes

Cash payment: Yes

Online orders: No

Phone orders: Yes

Delivery: Yes


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