Los Mtz by las Gaviotas

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Welcome to Puerto Peñasco, beach food lovers! If you're looking for an authentic place to enjoy Acapulco-style seafood and feel the sea breeze in every bite, then "Los Mtz by las Gaviotas" is the perfect place for you.


This restaurant is located at Recinto Portuario Esq. Calle 3, and from the moment you set foot in it, you will feel transported to the beach. With a terrace featuring a sandy floor, epic phrases, and beachy decor, you'll feel like you're right by the seaside. Moreover, you'll be delighted by the aroma of the dishes cooked on their outdoor grill, an experience that awakens all the senses!


The interior of the restaurant also has its charm, with a cozy air conditioned area where the bar is located, perfect for those who prefer a cooler atmosphere.


The menu of "Los Mtz by las Gaviotas" offers a true feast for seafood lovers. With a traditional touch of the region and southern flavors, each dish is a real treat for the palate. Their drinks are so colorful and picturesque that you won't be able to resist taking a photo for your social media before savoring them.


And now, it's time for the must-try dishes!

Must Try Menu Items

Must-Try #1:

"Pescado a la Talla" (Grilled Fish). This dish is a whole experience. You can choose the fresh fish of your preference and watch as they marinate it right in front of your eyes. Then, they cook it on the outdoor grill and serve it with French fries, salad, and delicious sauces. A true seafood feast!


Must-Try #2:

"Tacos al Pastor". These tacos are a spectacle. They serve them on a vertical spit so you can cut and prepare your own tacos. The salsas and freshly made corn tortillas are simply irresistible.


Must-Try #3:

"Pescadillas". A delicious appetizer to open your appetite, in the purest Acapulco style. You can't miss this classic.


And to top it all off, don't forget to try the desserts. The artisanal ice creams are a delight, especially the coconut one, served in its own coconut shell, a presentation that will enchant you!


At "Los Mtz by las Gaviotas", you'll enjoy an incredible atmosphere and first-class service. Here, you can live an authentic beach experience. So, if you're looking for a flavorful meal with a beach vibe in Puerto Peñasco, this is the perfect place for you!


We hope you thoroughly enjoy your visit and savor every bite! Bon appétit and enjoy the sea in every dish! Cheers!


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Petfriendly: Yes

WiFi: Yes

Parking: Yes

Handicapped accessible: Yes

Terrace: Yes

Card payment: Yes

Cash payment: Yes

Online orders: No

Phone orders: Yes

Delivery: Yes


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