El Buzo Seafood & Beer

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Seafood and fish are the major gastronomic offerings at Puerto Peñasco. Most restaurants prepare these foods in a relatively classic and unvarying manner, that's where El Buzo stands out. They offer a creative and tasteful take on basic dishes that take it from good to incredible! 

In this video, Mark Mulligan takes us behind the scenes at this modern seafood restaurant that he loves to visit when in town! As Mark shows off their incredible menu, you'll find that most of the dishes on the menu have photos which make it really easy to tell what the dish is, even if you don't speak Spanish. At the start of your meal, you'll receive a creamy salsa and chips. A friendly server named Kamila talks through some of the popular dishes and their ingredients. They offer some unique cocktails and an incredible selection of craft beers. Mark also interviews Priscilla Silva, the owner of El Buzo. What makes them different? Their food is a fusion between Sonoran and Nayarit style seafood. In addition, they have some of the freshest seafood dishes around!

This is a must-visit Mexican Seafood restaurant in town. El Buzo offers some of the most authentic meals around, such as their tostadas conceptuales, which are excellent. Additionally, their homemade octopus and salmon. El Buzo also has a large range of craft beers, whiskeys, and tequilas - making it ideal for a night out with friends or family.

Sonoran & Nayarit Fusion Experience

If you are looking for a delicious seafood experience with a side of Sonoran flare, look no further than El Buzo Seafood & Beer. Located close to the heart of Peñasco, 13th street, this local favorite has been serving up amazing seafood with a Mexican twist since 2015. The menu offers an extensive range of authentic dishes that will bring a piece of the coast to you, featuring regional seafood specialties like ceviche Buzo, camarones al mojo de Ajo (shrimp in garlic sauce) and fish filets. Prices range between 100-200 Mexican pesos (about $5-11 USD) each dish.

The place is spacious and nicely decorated with a marine theme in blue and white tones, it features a magnificent mural of a sea diver and aquatic life. In addition to their numerous tables, they have a kids section with games and a playground which is a plus for families. Their team takes great pride in serving up an authentic seafood experience that celebrates the proud culinary traditions of Mexico, and in 2020, they won the Trip Advisor's Traveler's choice. 

Must Try Menu Items

Seared Tuna

There's something about tuna steak that just makes you feel like you're eating something luxurious, especially when it's cooked in a way that brings out the best in its flavor. In this recipe, they'll pan-sear our tuna steak and then top it with a mixture of olive oil, sesame seeds, and caramelized vegetables. Served on a bed of Cuija sauce original and made in-house, this dish is sure to satisfy your hunger without breaking the bank.

Tostada Islita

This octopus and shrimp tostada is a delicious seafood appetizer. The octopus is cooked perfectly, and the shrimp are nice and tender. The herbs give the dish a great flavor, and the cucumber and avocado add a refreshing crunch.

Mezcal de Bubulubu

Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from any variety of the agave plant. The word mezcal comes from Nahuatl, the language of the ancient Mexican people, and means "oven-fired wine." Delight your palate with this exquisite tdrink. Enjoy the texture of the bubulubu chocolate and feel how it mixes with this delicious drink.

Watermelon Mojito

Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy a cold watermelon mojito. This drink is made with fresh watermelon, lime juice, white rum, and sparkling water. It's a refreshing drink that's perfect for hot weather.

Local Tips

  • Everything is delicious, so we highly recommend you order a few items to share.
  • Don't miss out on their delicious desserts, especially the flan.
  • Found right next to the railroad tracks.


5/5 (5)
Ana Lilia M
If you are looking for a place to eat fresh and delicious seafood you have to go to this place. The customer service is very good, here I have tasted the best shrimp in Rocky Point. I will definitely come back here again.
Issac Sanchez Lopez
One thing you can't miss on your visit to Rocky Point is the fresh seafood that you can find at Buzo Seafood. This place offers great service and food. My best favorite is the Jaleño del Diablo *The Devil's Jaleño* which is a plate based on fresh red tuna marinated in a special spicy sauce, with avocado and some chillis. You cannot miss their craft beer menu, I recommend trying San Blas Craft Beer!!
Francisco javier Rodriguez vazquez
Excellent service, fresh seafood, very clean restaurant.
Suzette Marin
It’s a great experience. The ambiance is very welcoming and charming. Amazing drinks, food and service. Staff are extremely knowledgeable and make great recommendations.
Adriana Peña
A great place with delicious food. The day I went I had very good service. It's a place with a very good atmosphere. I'll be back soon.

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