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Welcome to Chef Mickey's Place, the most emblematic culinary corner of Puerto Peñasco!


Are you ready for an exceptional culinary experience? At Chef Mickey's Place, led by the renowned Chef Mickey Medina, a unique journey awaits you. Located on Freemont Boulevard, within the charming Plaza del Sol, this restaurant has become a favorite among the Puerto Peñasco community. Get ready to delight your senses with carefully crafted dishes and enjoy a cozy ambiance.


The restaurant features a dimly lit interior and music that will enchant your ears. For those who prefer to dine outdoors, there is a picturesque and comfortable terrace. The location in Plaza del Sol gives it a special touch, creating a tranquil and pleasant space to enjoy a memorable gastronomic experience.


At Chef Mickey's Place, Chef Mickey Medina takes pride in offering an international culinary proposal that combines the best of gastronomy from around the world. The menu is filled with irresistible appetizers, comforting soups, fresh salads, al dente pastas, juicy meats, authentic Mexican dishes, and exquisite Asian and seafood specialties. Each dish is carefully prepared with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients to provide you with an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Must Try Menu Items

Must-Try #1

Garlic and Rosemary Steak: This must-try dish will transport you to a world of intense flavors and irresistible aromas. Enjoy a tender steak perfectly cooked, seasoned with garlic and rosemary to enhance its taste. Every bite is an explosion of flavors that will leave you wanting more.


Must-Try #2

New Mexico Chicken: If you're looking for a combination of authentic and vibrant flavors, you can't miss the New Mexico Chicken. Delight in juicy pieces of chicken marinated in traditional New Mexico spices, giving this dish a unique and spicy touch. Accompanied by delicious side dishes, each bite will make you savor the essence of Mexican cuisine.


Must-Try #3

Mickey's Chicken: Chef Mickey Medina has created a unique specialty in honor of his name. Mickey's Chicken is a delight that combines surprising flavors and textures. Enjoy tender pieces of chicken bathed in a succulent sauce, accompanied by garnishes that enhance its taste. Every bite is a gastronomic experience worth remembering.


At Chef Mickey's Place, you can expect not only high-quality gastronomy but also exceptional service. Chef Mickey Medina takes pride in personally greeting guests and ensuring that each diner has a satisfying experience. You can also pair your dishes with an excellent selection of wines. Each dish showcases Chef Mickey Medina's culinary talent. Come and be captivated by international flavors at Chef Mickey's Place, where a passion for cooking merges with friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere. Mickey's Place awaits you to delight all your senses; a restaurant that guarantees to satisfy your palate! 


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Petfriendly: Yes

WiFi: Yes

Parking: Yes

Handicapped accessible: Yes

Terrace: Yes

Card payment: Yes

Cash payment: Yes

Online orders: No

Phone orders: Yes

Delivery: Yes


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