Cahuamanta el Bagre

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Cahuamanta el Bagre: The Most Delicious Seafood Vibe in Puerto Peñasco!


If you want good cahuamanta, look no further! At Cahuamanta el Bagre, they excel with their fresh and flavorful seafood that makes you say "mmmm" from the first bite. And the service is top-notch, making you feel right at home!


Where is this marvel located? It's on Avenida Constitución S/N, right in the heart of the action in Puerto Peñasco. If you're in search of the best taste of the sea, this is the perfect place to savor a delicious cahuamanta taco or a broth that will leave you sighing with happiness.


But hold on, El Bagre doesn't only offer cahuamanta, there are more delights! You can try their fish and shrimp tacos, each bite feels like a direct journey to the sea. And we can't forget to mention the quesamanta, that divine mix of cahuamanta with melted cheese that will make you dance with delight!


Let us introduce you to the 3 must-try dishes:

Must Try Menu Items

Must-Try #1:

Caldo de Cahuamanta. A soup that embraces you with the authentic flavor of cahuamanta. It's like being hugged by the sea!


Must-Try #2:

Quesamanta. Oh, mama! This is the perfect combination of cahuamanta and melted cheese that will make you say "thank you life for giving me this delicacy".


Must-Try #3:

Shrimp Tacos. Fresh, juicy, and with a flavor that makes you say "goodbye" to your worries. They are fantastic!


Oh, and we can't forget to mention the "salsa macabra," the spicy touch that adds an extra punch to each dish. It's like a revival!


In summary, Cahuamanta el Bagre is the perfect spot to enjoy the most delicious cahuamanta in the region. Want an unforgettable culinary experience? Then come and let your taste buds party with these fresh and authentic seafood delights! The flavor will stay with you forever, my friend! Let's do it!


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Petfriendly: No

WiFi: No

Parking: Yes

Handicapped accessible: Yes

Terrace: Yes

Card payment: No

Cash payment: Yes

Online orders: No

Phone orders: Yes

Delivery: No


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