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Slide into one of the comfy upholstered booths and experience the enticing breakfast creations at Boulevard 301. The restaurant is super easy to locate, right on the city's main street, Benito Juarez. You will find that the food and service is on a par with any of the other popular breakfast spots in town, often with less of a wait.

High marks go to Boulevard 301 for its sunny and attractive dining room, and consistently efficient and polite servers who don’t over or under do it. The family that owns the restaurant has a ranch right outside of town too, so you are guaranteed the freshest and best eggs possible!

What's on the menu at Boulevard 301:

Of course, a Restaurant named ‘Boulevard 301 Steak and Eggs’ is going to have to have good Steak and Eggs. And it does. But most of the menu offerings are truly Mexican breakfast staples. There are Chilaquiles served with different salsas, homemade Chorizo or Machaca, and the favorite local combo of eggs with tamales! The orange juice is always fresh squeezed, and the servers also know how to pull consistently good lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos from the Espresso machine.

Once 12 o’clock rolls around, the lunch menu kicks in. At Boulevard 301, that means paninis. And they are really good! A variety of sandwiches are offered, some also on fresh ciabatta bread. Choice of side dish is either seasoned fries, or a green salad with locally grown cherry tomatoes.

Steak and Eggs

It goes without saying that the Steak and Eggs are a great option. The steak is quality Sonoran arrachera. Sonoran beef is one of the foods that this area is rightly famous for. Here it comes in big fat strips of steak, moist and marinated. If you have ever had Carne Asada tacos that were really good, it was probably this same type of beef.  Additionally, chunky farmer potatoes and creamy refried beans accompany, with a choice of corn or flour tortillas too.

Panini de Pollo al Chipotle

Like everything on the menu, the Chipotle Chicken Panini is really big.  The chicken is bathed in a creamy, not overly spicy sauce with that great smoked chili flavor. On top of that goes a healthy dose of caramelized onions, tomatoes and spinach leaves. Topping that is a dusting of cheese, potatoes or salad on the side. All of the sandwiches here are flavorful and filling.

Pan de Elote

Perfect for desert, if you can manage it! This simple corn bread is chewy and a little sweet. An understated desert for people who are not crazy about sweets. Topped with a garnish of strawberries, and best eaten with a cup of coffee on the side.

Local Tips

  • Restaurant with an emphasis on fresh, homemade, and home grown ingredients. Ranch style flavor that northern Mexico is known for.


5/5 (5)
Nayelly Zuluaga
The Chilaquiles Rellenos are my complete favorite! I cannot choose another dish. Super good location and great cappucino!
Priscila Luna Gortarez
I had a meeting with my family at Boulevard 301 and I ordered a poblano omelet it was delicious the service is very good.
Fernanda Chavez
One of my family's favorites, they are open for breakfast/ lunch and have a variety of delicious options to choose from, service is always excellent, and my personal favorite is their steak and eggs breakfast.
Ever since I found out about Blvd 301 I loved it, you can have breakfast any day in the afternoon. Their pancakes and waffles that are really good, my favorite breakfast are the Eggs Benedict.
Mary Carrasco
Everything delicious

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