Margarita Mermaids

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Toast the sunset as it melts into the ocean from your front row seat perched above the waves. A mind boggling 20 plus types of Margaritas are on the menu. Moreover, the food offerings are a mix of well liked Mexican and American favorites.  

In this video from Mark Mulligan, he takes you on a full tour of Margarita Mermaids. From the interior layout and front of the restaurant to the back windows where you can get stunning oceanfront views while you dine. He talks to two patrons from Laughlin, Nevada who love visiting Margarita Mermaids. They are getting close to completing their punch card and getting a free t-shirt for trying all 20 margaritas! They've got all kinds of margaritas - from sweet and refreshing to spicy with a kick! In the video, he also shows off their complete menu which features their stacked margarita list and food items. They offer both American and Mexican options so you can choose from pizzas, seafood, salads, BBQ, and more!

Margarita Mermaids is a part of the fun family activities found along the Malecon in Peñasco. There’s a cool, funky beach bar vibe with the Allman Brothers, Jimmy Buffet, and New Orleans funk playing in the background. Live music is a regular feature too - ranging from Trop Rock to Country to Selena. Audiences get into it, we hope you're ready to sing along to Sweet Caroline! There is always a good mix of tourists and locals at Margarita Mermaids, which is a sure sign that they get a lot of things right. 

Margarita Mermaids is at the end of the Malecon, farthest away from the shops, bars and restaurants you find as you drive in. The location is pretty incredible, it has some of the waterfront all to itself. In addition, it's great to take a little stroll among the vendors and local families enjoying this fun open area. Furthermore, it offers a terrific photo spot during sunset.

Owners and History

The owners Rick and Krissy are usually on-hand to offer their touch of personal attention. Also to kick the fun up a notch! Big believers in giving back, you will always find them in the midst of the latest community event. They always help to distribute food, clothing, or whatever else is needed to the less fortunate in town.

Just days after Margarita Mermaid’s grand opening, a late night fire gutted the restaurant. It turned lots of their hard work to ashes. By mid-morning the next day, staff and owners from competing bars from around town showed up, cleaning and making plans to rebuild. And rebuild they did. Margarita Mermaids was back to being one of the towns most distinctive bar/bistros in no time! 

Some ‘Gotta’ try’ items:

Ricks’ Fried Chicken 

Fried Chicken does not get any more ‘Southern’ than 60 miles south of the border! It might seem all wrong for a Mexico Beach Bar, but this crunchy outside, tender inside creation fits right in. With the right cold drink and even a little of the ever popular house salsa, you will be living your best oceanside life.

Wood Fired Pizza

This classic comes out of the brick oven on a thin crust - steaming hot plus a little bit of the smokey flavor of the mesquite logs. All of the usual toppings are available, however one combo that is over the top flavorful combines Shrimp, Green Chili, Cilantro, Garlic and Bacon. 

Mango Chile Margarita

This bright orange/yellow blended drink is so good, you have to slow yourself down so that you don’t get brain freeze! The rim of the glass is dusted with salt and chili powder for just the right contrast of tastes. Something special about Margarita Mermaids is they truly appreciate your loyalty! If you plan to come by often, make sure to ask for a stamp card. Once you stamp all 20 margaritas on the card, you get a free Margarita Mermaids shirt! Why not go for it? They're all delicious and keep you coming back for more!

Local Tips

  • Ask for stamp card - If you try all 20 margaritas and receive a free Margarita Mermaids shirt!
  • Fried Chicken Special is offered on Sundays.
  • Takeout ends at 9PM.


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Steve S
I love this place, the owners are so nice and it always has a great atmosphere. I like the Ginger Margarita, but honestly they are all great. They often have live music.

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