Spring break usually coincides with the Easter holiday, so many people refer to the holiday by various terms such as April break, Easter week or Spring vacation. Tucson is among the preferred destinations during this time of year.

Spring Break for kids and families

During spring break schools in Tucson incorporate enriching activities for those in pre-school levels such as arts and crafts, fitness exercises and field trips. The schools provide the children with opportunities to enhance and develop their skills as well as abilities that they have gained during the school year. This is not only a fun approach to learning but also a way to allow your children to experience and interact with the outside environment beyond the classroom.

Spring Break for College Students

Since most college students want to feel the rush, Tucson has skydiving and other heart racing activities such as bungee jumping, rafting, haunted houses and rock climbing. For the rest of you who desire a more subtle and relaxing spring break, there are several resorts that have a spectacular view of the desert and the mountain. The springs from the mountain create a pool of relaxing waters that is guaranteed to calm you down and relieve stress.

Hop on a Bike

Bicycles are great for kids of all ages. How about booking a tour? Bike tours are scenic and fun, and you can ride around and check out all the local landmarks. For wine lovers, there are some wineries to entice you. Biking is a great way to reconnect with your friends and family after a hectic school year.

Where to Stay

Vacation rentals are among the prior preparations one should take into considerations while choosing a spring break destination. The city has a wide range of vacation rentals located in different places to suit the requirements and specifications you desire. Check out our vacation rental listings for great rentals to suit all your needs.

Lots to Do and See

From a beautiful hike in desert canyon to a visit to an outdoor mall on top of a hill that contains many restaurants, great view of the city and a row of galleries for all the art lovers, Tucson will give you a memorable spring break. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit and experience the prosperous cultural city of Tucson.