Also known as the ”City of sunshine” Tucson is based in the valley of southeastern Arizona, which experiences warm weather serves as a great escape from winter weather. The metropolis is surrounded by small towns, which are symbols of the rich western history. South of the city lives a little community of natives called Tubac. The community is known for upholding the culture and aesthetics of the land by opening up shops that display art and trinkets accustomed using knowledge passed on from one generation to another to date. Besides the rich culture and great historical significance, the city offers an amazing view of the desert, which always breathes taking especially in the evening as the sun sets. If you are undecided to take a vacation and have not yet decided, we highly recommend the ”city of sunshine” for a memorable time with family and friends.

Historical and Natural Scenes

Sightseeing in Tucson is considered to be the leading attraction since the city has a lot of historic buildings and wildlife. Being a city in the desert, there is often difficult when it comes to vegetation. However, the Arizona desert museum has come up with a solution whereby the museum is merged with a botanical garden to form one spectacle where the green gives art life. The Sonoran Desert is home to several endangered species, which add to the memorable experience. Some of these species include the Mexican wolf, Desert pupfish, razorback sucker and the ocelot. In the southwest region of the city lies the mission of San Xavier del Bac, which was built in the eighteenth century by Spanish Jesuits. The church is an opulently furnished building made from the Rococo architecture of the colonial period. For all those who love taking long nature walks, biking and horse riding into the wild, Tucson mountain-park offers a vast 20,000 acres with scenic carefully isolated areas suitable for picnics among other outdoor activities.

Movie City

In the 1940s a little town was constructed as a setting for many western movies. The city, which resembled the style of the late 19th century offers a whole different perspective to sightseeing in Tucson since tourists are given the opportunity to see life as it was back then. The town is marked according to the various films, which were recorded and offered a learning opportunity for all. Children are also taken care of since the city has trail rides that are a fun way to explore the great outdoors. The mountains have stream pools, which are a great escape from the desert heat and also great for fishing. These are few of the things you should be prepared for when sightseeing in Tucson.

Life Style in the City

The city offers excellent vacation rentals best suited to meet your desired accommodation needs. They provide rental rates that ensure your comfort and safety at all times. Tucson vacation rentals you the feeling of your home away from home. This is because of the fully furnished condos, which meet the expectations of our visitors. Professional real estate managers allow you to explore before coming up with a decision on your accommodation of choice. This means that you have access to more space for a reasonable price. You will have the full experience of a resident since the vacation rentals give specific insight into a community and offer long-term interactions.

We welcome you all to the great ”city of sunshine” Tucson for a great and memorable vacation or if you are thinking of a place to hold an event for a lifetime experience.