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Tucson has always attracted free spirits, free thinkers, and those free at heart. Maybe because its natural landscape in the Arizona Sonoran Desert allows for plenty of room to roam; you can explore its inviting environs without boundaries. The city is surrounded by multiple mountain ranges, including the Santa Catalina Mountains. It is truly awe – and art — inspiring. As author Barbara Kingsolver wrote,

“Tucson had opened my eyes to the world and given me… a taste for the sensory extravagance of red-hot chilies and five-alarm sunsets.”

The meticulously-restored mansions of its El Presidio Historic District and the adobe row houses of Barrio Historico reflect its 19th-century roots. Tucson has many vintage shops, restaurants and nightspots on Fourth Avenue near the bustling University of Arizona campus. Its extensive arts and culture scene lends to its authentic, unique personality.

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Tucson Weather

If you’re the gambling type, weather in Tucson is a sure bet – put your money on “sunny,” and you’ll win about 96 percent of the time! With 350+ days of sunshine annually, Tucson ranks as one of most radiant cities in the United States!

As a result, there fun events all year long, including sports and outdoor activities, even in mid-winter. Yes, it’s hot in the summer, but the nights are cooler, and like they say, “it’s a dry heat,” which means you’ll rarely break a sweat. Thanks to showers in late summer and early winter, it’s a different kind of desert — a lot greener than you might think.

Flying into the Tucson Airport

Tucson International Airport (TUS) serves more than three million airline passengers per year. Seven airlines offer about 60 departures per day to 20 nonstop destination airports. TUS is conveniently located less than 10 miles south of downtown Tucson and the University of Arizona, close to major business and leisure destinations.

The airport is open 24/7, but the airlines, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), food and beverage outlets, retail stores, rental car companies and others all set their own hours. Airlines typically open their check-in counters 2 – 2½ hours before their first scheduled departure and close after their final departure of the day. The TSA security checkpoints usually open by 4 a.m. and close with the last departure of the day.

More Tucson Transportation Options

The Sunset Limited Amtrak train line runs three days a week, connecting Los Angeles to New Orleans with service to downtown Tucson. Downtown is also home base to the Greyhound Bus station, open 24 hours all year. In addition, all of the major car rental agencies are represented at TUS. You’ll also find a number of rental car agencies throughout the city, if you’re looking for a short-term or specialty vehicle rental during your visit.

Tucson’s Sun Link Streetcar links the University of Arizona to the Mercado neighborhood by way of downtown Tucson and the popular Fourth Avenue dining, shopping, and entertainment district, following the main artery of Tucson’s Urban Core.

It’s worth noting that the twin U.S./Mexico city of Nogales and the Mexico border are just a little more than an hour south of Tucson, giving visitors an opportunity to explore further during their Tucson visit. If international travel is in your plans, there are a couple of important things to remember: if entering from Mexico, you MUST HAVE proper travel documentation for travel into Arizona. If driving into Mexico, you MUST have Mexican car insurance! Call the Tucson Visitor Center for more information at (800) 638-8350.

U.S. citizens returning to Arizona after visiting Mexico MUST have valid travel documents such as a passport or passport card. For a list of acceptable documents, visit the U.S. Customs & Border Protection website.

Short Term Rentals Tucson

Imagine this: as the sun sinks behind the mountains, you’re in the kitchen whipping up some frozen margaritas for your crew. Or, maybe you have returned from a long hike or 18 holes of golf, and you want to soak in a Jacuzzi tub. Tucson vacation rentals offer the comforts of home, even when your real residence is the furthest thing from your mind. Casago is your go-to connection for furnished condos, casitas, and homes that promise privacy, peace, and picture-perfect panoramas.

Whether they are located on the outskirts of town with incredible desert views and wildlife just beyond the deck, or in the heart of the city, with nightlife, galleries, and exceptional dining just steps away, our Tucson vacation rentals may bring out a side of yourself that you’ve never known before.

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