Nestled in the heart of the Sonoran Desert is Tucson. Here, amid saguaro cactus and adobe houses, the capital city welcomes her guests with hiking, historic churches, canyons to explore and so much more. Vacation rentals in the area are a perfect home base from which you can take tours around the area.

Points of Interest

Tucson tours can include a variety of interesting places like old missions, restored 19th century mansions, adobe row houses and more. El Presidio Historic District showcases Tucson the way it looked in the 19th century with adobe Spanish-style buildings. The fort walls and gate hold amazing history inside. Find wooden cots in the presidio (fort) along with cannons, daily living displays and artifacts. Docents make fresh tortillas and hand out samples of candies and cheese from the era.

Mission San Xavier del Bac is an adobe church that was built in the 1700”s. The white structure with intricate carvings, iron balustrades and statuary stands in stark contrast to the desert surroundings. Inside, opulent al frescos, ornate carvings and angels watch over the body of Saint Xavier del Bac inside his glass coffin. In the courtyard there are fountains and vendors selling fry bread. There is a museum and gift shop that helps support the still-active church. Tours (self-guided and guided) are free.

Biosphere 2

Take a tour of the place some call one of the 50 wonders of the world. The Under the Glass tour takes about an hour in which you’ll walk through several different atmospheres from desert to ocean to rainforest and you’ll also see the technology that makes this sealed environment work.

Desert Fun

Many people never consider the desert as a place to explore, however- there is so much to see and do in this uniquely beautiful landscape. Sabino Canyon, located in the Catalina Mountains is a serene place to take a hike. Steep, rocky canyon walls are dotted with towering cacti and tumbleweeds. There is even a waterfall and pool in the rocks to cool off. Take the tram up the canyon and then hike back down for amazing views. Canyon Cutie is one of the vacation rentals that would be a perfect home for visiting Sabino Canyon and enjoying the sunrises. After a hot day, a few laps in the gorgeous pool will have you refreshed and relaxed before sunset.

Tucson tours into the Saguaro National Park include the Hohokam petroglyphs, javalinas and desert tortoises that can live to be 100-years-old. Here among the desert vistas are historic mines, back-country camping sites and plenty of blooming cactus plants. Trails and loop roads are wonderful ways to see the beauty of this place.

Of course, there are plenty of outdoor activities in to enjoy – balloon rides, horseback trails, bike tours and plenty of great golf courses. Pick your passion or try something new.


Expect the nightlife to be fantastic – you will not be disappointed. Breweries like Barrio Brewing Company make ales like the ‘Copperhead’ and ‘Rojo’ – both go great with a Sonoran Dog (hot dog). There are plenty of pubs, comedy cafe’s and sports bars serving up stouts and games for everyone. Dance floors and lounges give patrons a way to expend energy and relax at the same time.


Stroll through the many museums like the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum or Museum of the Horse Soldier to see exhibits and artifacts. The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures has 300 rooms of miniatures with displays of dollhouses from the 1700’s to collections of tiny violins within a violin. Aerospace, cars, art, transportation and even toy train museums will keep you entertained while it’s hot outside.

Retreat to your vacation rental after a day (or night) of fun. Have a great meal. Sleep in luxurious bedding. Then lay out your plans for the next adventure in Tucson.