When you are visiting Tucson, there are plenty of options when it comes to dining out. If you are looking for ethnic cuisine, you will find it here. You will be able to taste the amazing flavors of Tucson and the Southwestern region of the United States. Here are some of the best and most popular restaurants in Tucson.

In the Mood for Mexican Food?

If it is Mexican food you seek, Tucson has many options for you. Poco and Mom’s Cantina is one of the favorites among locals. It is located on 7000 E. Tanque Verde Road and is known for its delicious, vegetarian friendly entrees. Fans also loved the enchiladas and shredded beef tacos. The menu also features items such as breakfast options, tostadas, chicken tortilla soup, and taco salads. There is something for everyone here!

Who Doesn’t Love Pizza?

For the pizza lover in your group, one of the best restaurants in Tucson is Renee’s Organic Oven. It is also located on Tanque Verde Road. There are vegetarian and gluten free options for those with different dietary needs. You will find amazing pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and delicious appetizers. The dessert menu is filled with some of the best sugary sweets you can imagine!

A Delicious Steak and Potatoes

For many tourists, it is important to find a restaurant near their vacation rentals. There are actually quite a few steak restaurants that are located in a busy area that is filled with vacation rentals. Bob’s Steak and Chop House is located in the heart of Tucson. The menu features items such as carb cake, delicious salads, prime ribeye, Kansas City strips, porterhouses, NY Strips, and amazing seafood. Don’t forget one of the many delicious desserts such as the creme brûlée.

Want Some Chinese Food?

Many travelers find it hard to find good Chinese food in the Southwestern US. Not to worry, you will find them here. Asian Spice has become one of the most popular and famous Chinese restaurants in the area. It is located on North Silverbell Road and has quite a bit of delicious food to offer diners here. The portion sizes are very large and they are priced very well for as much food as you get! The entrees and healthy and the chefs here truly take pride in their work! Some of the most popular items here are the Egg Flower Soup, mapo tofu, sesame beef, firecracker shrimp, and chicken with snow peas.

When it is time to choose the best dining experience for you, you don’t have to look far. There are so many great restaurants here that you will never run out of dining options!