Are you thinking about taking a vacation in the near future? Do you have a particular destination that you would like to visit? Would you be willing to travel to Mexico? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then you should seek more information about Loreto, Mexico. This small community of more than 18,000 people has a ton of exciting activities that you can participate in. This special resort town caters to American culture, and it has multiple tours to keep you thrilled. These tours are very professional, and they’ll give you a much better perspective on this region’s way of life. has a large selection of property management vacation rentals that you can get familiar with before your trip.


Why should I choose this particular location? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. Loreto may be smaller in stature to the average tourist destination, but it has just as many fun things to get into. First things first. This resort town can be found in the eastern section of Baha California. Of course, this is known as Mexico, and its direct location is nestled along the coastline of the Gulf of California. To better direct you to this region, this town is about 315 miles north of Cabo San Lucas. Vacation rentals are in abundance here so you shouldn’t have any problems finding a spot to rest your head. Yes, this is a waterfront community, but it hosts plenty of land and sea activities that will feed your adventuristic nature. Lets take a more in-depth look at these exciting activities below.

When it comes to participating in these activities, Sea & Land Tours offer the absolute best day passes. Yes, you can search for each program independently, but S&LT houses all of the programs under one roof. Dive The Sea of Cortez is a program that provides some of the best diving activities in Baha California. Participants will surely get an up close and personal experience with a variety of marine animals such as tropical fish, giant sting rays, nudibranchs and huge schools of diverse fish. The dive masters and dive captains will always be present, and they offer up to 20 years of experience. You, and your friends will get to visit up to 40 different sites that span across three islands. S&LT will also offer refresher courses as well as school you to become certified in diving while you’re here.


Blue Whale Watching has been a fan-favorite for quite some time. This particular program allows you to enjoy the exquisite beauty of the Cetacea. Of course, Cetacea are known as whales, and there are three distinct versions that populate these waters from January to May. This would include the Orca (killer whale), the humpback whale and the majestic blue whale. This is a world-class experience like nonother. Vacationers will have the opportunity to snap some amazing photos as well as record some astonishing home video. Blue Whale Watching has boats that posses new motors, and they can hold up to 10 people. In addition to that, Blue Whale Watching provides lunch for its guests, including fresh burritos, cheese, fruits and corn tortillas.

The National Marine Park hosts the Coronado tour, and it’s the ultimate marine lovers package. People of all ages come here to see the marine life in its splendid beauty. Coronado has a plethora of animals on deck, including sea lions, dolphins and many more. There is also bird rookeries that you can explore. Participants will receive a fabulous boat ride around the island, a picnic as well as eye-catching marine action. In addition to that, you can do a bit of snorkeling for a better underwater view. Osprey, Blue-footed booby and other wildlife can also be viewed.

You, your friends and family can enjoy all that Loreto has to offer, and there are a number of vacation rentals to choose from in the area. Property management is big business here as all of the vacation rentals are in great condition.