Why Visit Loreto, Mexico

When it comes to vacationing, Mexico has always been a cool place to take a weekend getaway. Whether it’s Cancun, or it’s Tijuana, this nation has many more hidden gems that you may not know about. This is the case with Loreto. This particular seaside town is nestled along the Gulf of California. Yes, this would be in Mexico’s Baja California region, and it has plenty to offer, including seclusion, vacation rentals and an abundance of outdoor activities. In a sense, this seaside town is somewhere between the old and new world thanks to its diversity in architecture and in style of living.


Loreto, Mexico, is simply tucked away in seclusion, and many people don’t even know of its existence. To be perfectly honest, you’re looking at about a seven or eight hour drive north of the tourist meca Cabo. So, what makes Loreto so different from its resort counterparts. Well, there are cobblestone streets that zigzag through the community. As a vacationer, you’ll find retro-pottery shops in the mix of modern-day eateries. The crowds are less boisterous, and you won’t feel bogged down by copious amounts of traffic. Property management comes from multiple sources whether it’s native or foreign to the region. The city has just over 18,000 inhabitants, but its tourism is more catered toward Americans thanks to its close proximity to the US.

If you’re into sport fishing, then you definitely need to come here. This extraordinary point of interest has a solid reputation for being a sport-fishing paradise. Sport fishing just so happens to be the community’s top tourist attraction. Snapper and seabass can be found in these waters all year long, but there are two fishing seasons. During the summer, fly fishing is very popular. Fishermen will get an overload of marlin, dorado, black marlin, Atlantic blue marlin and sailfish. In the winter, fishermen will find an abundance of yellow tail as well as other species that are found generally near the sea rocks. Are you an animal lover? These beautiful waters become a rest haven for humpback whales, blue whales and even orca. Thanks to this activity, there are a number of whale-watching tours that will be available between January – May. For a better way of exploring the bay area, try paddle boarding. If you don’t posses your very own paddleboard, then you can rent from the popular Sea Kayak Baja Mexico. This prominent establishment has a plethora of marine gear to choose from, and Sea Kayak Baja Mexico provides adventure tours with their certified guides. What more could any sea lover ever ask?


To get a better perspective of the bay, Jacque Cousteau named these waters as “the world’s aquarium.” Maybe you want to just stay on land and enjoy the natural scenery. The outdoorsy lovers will definitely love to visit the other exciting places in the area. Sierra de la Giganta is a mountain range that rise at least a mile above sea level. You better have your cameras on deck when visiting this place because these hills provide a stunning backdrop for photos. This specific area is also loved by hikers and is well-liked by the adventurous type because of all of the rugged hills and trails. There are a number of diverse places to visit around here, including the National Marine Park with its more than 500,000 acres of real estate, as well as the La Picazon. This restaurant is known for its fantastic margaritas, and it offers a panoramic view of Isla Coronado.

Though the overall community of Loreto is quite small in comparison to other tourist destinations, there are numerous high-quality vacation rentals that are located here. Did you know that many of these rentals are fully furnished? This is 100 percent correct, and property management companies like Casago.com will give travel enthusiasts a detailed viewing of the options.