Loreto is one of Mexico’s top hidden gems. Located along the coast of beautiful Baja California Sur, this city offers the perfect destination for a vacation. Many of the top vacation rentals are situated near some of the best local attractions. Here are a few places for sightseeing that you can check out while exploring the city.

Mission Loreto

This historic church as been standing since the 1700s and is considered to be one of the most sacred landmarks in the area. The structure’s colonial-style architecture helps maintain the legacy of the early Spanish settlers who came to the region. Inside the church, relics that are significant to the Catholic faith adorn the setting. The church’s bell tower still chimes with every new hour.

Mission San Francisco Javier de Vigge-Biaundo

If you want to learn even more about the city’s history during your sightseeing adventure, you can stop by this iconic mission and take a tour of the complex. The mission is surrounded by palm trees and dramatic hills that create a picturesque backdrop. Colorful walls, beautiful paintings and an ornate altar can be seen inside the church. The stone exterior walls of the buildings are in their original form and serve as reminders of the past. Historic gravesites of important clergy members also sit on the mission’s grounds.

Loreto Bay National Marine Park

You can head to this popular beach for some outdoor fun. The beach’s white sand and crystal-clear water create an enchanting atmosphere. A natural rock archway just off the shore resembles a portal to a seaside paradise. You might even get the chance to see some whales swimming near the shore. Kayaking, snorkeling and sunbathing are just some of the additional activities that you’ll be able to enjoy during your time here. This coastal retreat is also the perfect place to see a sunset at the end of a long day of sightseeing.

Museo de las Misiones de Baja California

This museum contains additional relics that help tell the story of the city’s history. There are both temporary and permanent exhibits that feature items that were once used by the area’s earliest inhabitants. An old boat and vintage saddles used for riding horses are just some of the items that you’ll see while you tour the museum. Placards around the museum provide further details about the significance of the displayed artifacts.

Ideal Fishing Spots

The city is home to some of the best fishing spots along the Pacific Coast. In fact, many people travel to the area and stay in local vacation rentals just to go sport fishing. Mahi-mahi, Indo-Pacific sailfish and yellowtail kingfish are abundant in the oceanwater and are often easy to catch. Whether you choose to visit the city and book your vacation rental with our property management service in the summer or winter, you can enjoy ideal fishing conditions any time of the year.


You’ll have the chance to play on a world-class 18-hole golf course when you spend part of your day at this luxurious attraction. A golf cart can be rented to make trekking the course easier. The course’s manicured greens add further prestige to the atmosphere. Breathtaking ocean views and dramatic rolling hills enhance the setting and will give you more reason to want to stay longer. The on-site restaurant serves delectable Mexican, American and Mediterranean dishes that are prepared with fresh ingredients.

When you take a trip to Loreto, you’ll quickly understand why this retreat is one of the best spots for luxury tourism in Mexico. Our property management company offers vacation rentals that provide additional comfort and convenience while staying in the city.