Venture into the Great Loreto Outdoors!

Loreto, Baja California Sur is magical town in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. This city began as a small fishing village, and since their early beginnings they have worked to preserve those fishing traditions. Along with preserving their fishing traditions, this city has also built a tourism industry built on the outdoors. These outdoor activities are suited for all of the town’s annual visitors. In order to make planning your tripe to Baja California Sur more manageable, we at Property Management have created a list of some of the most popular outdoor attractions Loreto has to offer.


Fishing in Loreto is a large attraction for tourists and professional alike. In fact, many fishing tournaments are hosted in the waters outside of the city. If you are interested in fishing while on your vacation, consider hiring a charter boat with a local guide. These local guides are able to cater to your personal fishing needs while keeping you safe. There are many local charter boats to chose from. When searching for the right charter boat, be sure to shop around and find the company whose price and services suit your needs.

This an experience you don’t want to miss out on! The clean clear water has a diverse range of fish. If you plan on fishing, be sure to check and see which fish are in season and ensure that you have all the proper licensing before you set out to the high seas!


It is possible that the city’s top attraction is its beautiful, crystal-clear, sparkling blue waters. There are many ways to enjoy the beautiful landscape, including visiting the beach, swimming, kayaking or paddle-boarding. Kayaking and paddle-boarding provide a unique and intimate viewing experience of the shoreline. You are able to experience the warm turquoise waters while getting a spectacular viewing of the coastline. There are many different opportunities to kayak, canoe or paddle-board. Consider renting from a local agency and going with a guide. A local guide will be able to show you the best routes and you may even be lucky enough to see the aquatic wildlife. Dolphin sightings as well as sea lion and whale sightings can be common in the waters off of the coast. Experiencing the beautiful waters by boat is an experience the whole family is sure to enjoy.


Snorkeling is another popular aquatic attraction. The best way to snorkel is to go with a local guide. A local can provide you with equipment and will ensure that you have a safe and successful snorkeling experience. The islands off from the coast provide some of the best areas to explore. Try to go when the water is warm and clear for the best viewing experience!


Looking for something to do out of the water? There are many outdoor activities to be done on land as well! There is a fantastic natural landscape to hike and explore by foot. Hiking trails can be found in many different and diverse areas. Hiking is an activity that you are able to do with a guid or independently. If you are hiking independently, you will want to bring a map, compass, sunscreen and plenty of water. If possible, bring a phone or another device that allows you to contact others in the area if you are in danger or lost. Hiking is a wonderful experience, but it can be dangerous if not done correctly. To avoid the dangers of hiking alone, hire a local guide. An if hiking or walking on foot doesn’t suit your needs, there are many local tours from horseback that are great for all ages.


Biking is yet another outdoor activity you can do while vacationing. There are many places to bike and explore in the area. If you use a local agency, your tour guide will show you some of the best trails with some of the best views. However, biking is something that you are able to do independently. If you decide to bike around the scenic landscape by yourself, be sure to carry adequate water, a map, sunscreen, and a phone. If anything goes wrong on your solo trip, you want to make sure you are adequately prepared for the situation.

Loreto is home to an outstanding and beautiful natural landscape. This landscape has no shortage of outdoor activities to participate in. Whether you are fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking or biking you are going to love all that the outdoors have to offer. Our vacation rentals will provide you with access to the gorgeous outdoor terrain. We at property management are proud to provide our customers with superior vacation rentals in the Baja California Sur area.