The Secret Destination of Loreto Mexico

Loreto Mexico is a place very few have heard of, but this town is a quiet favorite for travelers who want a local experience away from the major tourist destinations. Located in northwestern Mexico in the Baja California Sur state, it features a major airport making traveling easy. There are property management companies that specialize in vacation rentals in Loreto and this is the simplest way to find accommodation in this low-key area.

The Beauty of a Baja Vacation

The best part about Loreto, founded in 1697, is the immersion in the culture. The natural beauty is enhanced by the natural friendliness and energy of the local people. Situated north of La Paz and Cabo on the Baja Peninsula, this quaint town has avoided the crunch that has inundated other tourist destinations. Sitting on some of the last untouched coastlines along the Sea of Cortez, this sleepy little town possesses some incredible views. The wildlife is abundant, the locals are welcoming and the food experiences are authentic.

Planning Your Trip

Once you have looked into vacation rentals and selected the right accommodations for your needs, you can book your flight and decide whether to rent a car or travel about using local taxi services. Rent a car if you will be heading out of town on excursions. You can easily spend all your time locally and walk or use a taxi service. Visiting a property management site like is a great way to find a place to stay in town. Let’s break down the journey and learn about what you can expect as a first-time visitor.


Start your journey by flying into the Loreto International Airport which offers service of direct flights from major US airports, with airlines including Alaska Air, WestJet, or Delta. It is easy to navigate and most planes that fly in are on the smaller side so it’s best to check any luggage at the gate. They operate flights from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily. Although small, there are two snack bars, a wine/liquor shop, and a tourist spot offering handicrafts.

With four car rental companies working onsite, setting up your rental is a breeze. Be aware that Mexico has new car rental insurance laws that require extra coverage, so even if you book before you leave home, expect this extra charge on top of your quote. If you choose to grab a taxi to get to your vacation rentals, the taxi stand is easy to find and has rates posted. Using a shared taxi as opposed to a private taxi will save you a few dollars.

Currency and Shopping

Unlike major Mexican tourist destinations, here the currency used is the peso. Exchanging for pesos before you leave on your trip, or stopping at a local bank is the best way to have funds on hand. Most stores and restaurants in town will not accept US currency and also will not take credit cards. So stock up on your pesos and your vacation will be smooth.

Shopping in this charming town is an adventure. Posted hours on stores are not always followed, with stores opening and closing at the whim of the operators and the change of the seasons. Please go with the flow and if a store you wanted to browse is not open keep strolling along the cobblestone streets until you find another gem. The local shops offer authentic artisan crafts at reasonable prices.

Exploring the Sites

There are tours available to the stunning Del Carmen, Coronado, and Danzante Islands. Hike or bike for astonishing views of mountains, oceans, deserts, and islands. The town, being the oldest mission in Mexico, offers many chances to learn about the history and culture of its people.

The marina has boats for hire to take you out to fish, snorkel, or for trips to the islands. If heading to a National Park island, pay the fee and receive your wrist bracelet before you leave the marina. Relax at the quiet beaches, golf, whale-watch, paddleboard or kayak. This town has so much to do nearby and all at a reasonable cost.

Hungry? For some genuinely delicious fish tacos and chili rellenos, head to the center of town and stop in at Café Olé. Their chips, salsa, and guacamole are incredibly fresh. Walk next door after your meal and grab a latte featuring some fantastic foam art. In fact, just about any little restaurant you come across will offer outstanding food and service.

The experiences that await you in this charming little town will take you back to old Mexico and leave you with memories for a lifetime.