Loreto Mexico, a tiny town of just 12,810 people, has many reasons that you might consider going here. Why would someone come to this peaceful seaside town? First, the city sits a long way from the overly touristy trap called Cabo San Lucas. Still, the same benefits of this town put a smile on your face. If you were to go with one of the vacation rentals here, you have plenty of great things that you can count on.

Reason #1: Whale Watching

The whale watching in this tiny seaside city normally starts around January, and it continues for a few months. You can see some of the most interesting whales during this time like blue whales, humpback whales and orcas. In particular, the blue whales have become what the area is most famous for when it comes to whale watching here because they’re some of the biggest whales on the planet. Watch these magnificent gentle giants on the Sea of Cortez. The boats will hold anywhere from six to 10 people.

Reason #2: Check out the Missions

They first started the missions in 1697, and this became the cornerstone place where the Jesuits set out to evangelize the better part of Mexico from Loreto. This is an old Catholic church with plenty of history to go along with it. The mission finally closed in 1829, but the church survives, and you can find it in the downtown part of Loreto. This became the first of the 17 that the Jesuits founded and had throughout Mexico. Later, the local Mexican government expelled them, and they were replaced by the Dominicans and the Franciscans. You have an inexpensive museum that is adjoined to the church that you can check out. Here you will discover the artifacts, and you will learn the history of the Baja missions.

Reason #3: Spectacular Beaches

You have plenty of cool things that you can do on these stunning beaches. For example, you could go paddle boarding, which has become a popular sport in the area, or you could go sea kayaking. Many times, you can get rentals on the beach which puts you right next to the action so that you can have the most fun.

Reason #4: The Best Mexican Food Around

Because it’s so close to the sea, you can expect to eat a lot of seafood here, and you have plenty of great restaurants, which is surprising considering how small the city is. Some of the food that you might try while in Loreto include:

Fish tacos, fresh pico de gallo, guacamole, parrot fish

Parrot fish is especially a must-try meal because you won’t find this stunning white fish anywhere else in Mexico. You can choose the Veracruz style which means garlic and butter, or you can choose to have it plain. Either way, the delightful flavor will having you putting it on your plate every night as the top pick.

The Benefits of a Vacation Rental

Why would someone choose vacation rentals over a hotel? When you speak with property management, they will normally tell you some of the biggest benefits like having rentals on the beach at an affordable price. In addition, these vacation rentals will often have a fridge and stove in the home so that you can cook what you want one night if you prefer. Another benefit is that everyone enjoys a more reasonable price, and they can invite some friends along to enjoy the place without the need for a one-day pass.

The other big advantage that needs to be mentioned comes down the space available. You get far more space this way than if you only stayed in a hotel room. Everyone in the family will get their own private space this way. In this way too, you can feel like you’re at home without having to actually be at home. You don’t have to worry about the responsibilities associated with being at home because you’re on vacation. The other big advantage is that you can choose your entertainment options more carefully like having a pool table, ping pong table, swimming pool or a bike path.

When you speak with property management in Loreto Mexico, they can direct you to the right area. You can find the amenities that each of them has, and you can learn the prices per night so that you can make an educated decision on the right rental for you. Everyone will have a different budget and personality for what will suit them the best. Imagine sitting on the beach at one of the sandy restaurants while chilling out with a cold drink and chatting up your friends. These memories that make life worth living, and it’s the reason that you should consider one of the rentals on the beach.