When you visit Los Cabos Mexico, there is plenty to see and do. If you’re looking for places that aren’t found in the travel guides, you’re in luck. The area is full of beautiful and exciting sites that aren’t necessarily well known to all tourists. The following are some ideas of unique places to visits and points of interests in Los Cabos that may not be found in your average travel guide.

Take a Tour

Once you’ve chosen your ideal lodging from among the many wonderful vacation rentals available, you may want to also reserve a tour in advance. There are plenty of tours in the area but some are more unique than others. If you want a tour of the area that doesn’t involve your basic tourist destinations, try taking a camel tour on the beach. A local company provides camel beach rides in a tour package that also includes a guided nature walk, tastings of locally made tequila, and an authentic Mexican dinner.

Local Dining

It can be fun to try new dining options that aren’t on the to-do lists of most tourists. If you want to experience local dining, it can be helpful to ask someone at the property management office of you vacation rental for recommendations. For farm fresh foods that are prepared on-site, a visit to Flora Farms or Huerta Los Tamarindos is a must. Both farms are a short drive from the popular tourist destinations in Los Cabos, and each has seasonal events and they host cooking lessons.

History and Culture

If you want to go beyond the typical beach setting in Los Cabos, be sure to check out the local history and experience the culture of the region. A trip to San Jose Del Cabo can showcase architecture and the local art scene. There are beautiful buildings, restaurants in traditional-style haciendas, and a classic town square with a lovely church. You may also want to hang around for the art walk which occurs weekly from November through June. During this event, many of the local galleries stay open after hour with live music.

Experience Conservation First-Hand

You can have a truly amazing and fulfilling experience if you like helping with local wildlife conservation. There is an area where several endangered sea turtles lay their eggs each year. Experienced guides are on hand to show you how to help the baby turtles reach the sea safely.