Los Cabos is a water-lover’s paradise with the sapphire Sea of Cortez, gorgeous toast-colored sandy beaches and plenty of marine life in the warm waters. Whether you choose to don diving gear and explore the underwater canyons and Sand Falls, or you just want to snorkel along the top of the water to spot fish and manta rays, there is something for everyone here in Los Cabos municipality. Plenty of vacation rentals with ocean-front views, splendorous pools and roof-top terraces make it easy to relax and take in the view after a day on the water.


There are plenty of places along the edge of this peninsula to sink your toes into warm sands as you walk along the water’s edge. Search for shells, sunbathe or swim at one of the many popular beaches like Lover’s Beach, Medano Beach or Divorce Beach.

Lover’s Beach is accessible via water taxi or boat only. If you choose a glass-bottomed boat you can watch colorful fish swim underneath you as you make your way to this area. Once you arrive you can enjoy the amazing rock formations and snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez. The Pacific side has a very strong current, probably not good for swimming, but fantastic for watching whales (in season) breach and spray their plumes of water into the air.

Medano Beach offers visitors plenty of water sports from horse-back riding in the waves to jet skiing to simply swimming or snorkeling. Wave-runners, banana boats and parasailing will have visitors splashing and laughing in and above the waters as the adrenaline rush kicks-in.

Dive In

Slip underneath the surface and into another world when you dive around Los Cabos. Explore the marine reserve in Cabo Pulmo National Park. Schools of fish swirl overhead as you drift down to search around the rocks for spotted and striped fish, eels and even an elusive octopus camouflaging against the backdrops. The barrier reef holds abundant marine life including bull sharks and parrot fish and thousands of yellow-tails. Snorkel on top of the water under El Arco to see fish in all colors as they dart past.

Whale sharks, sea lions and dolphins can be seen around Los Cabos at certain times of the year (usually Dec – April). See humpback and grey whales, whale sharks and even a colony of sea lions as you pass by the El Arco rock formation. Swimming with the mammoth whale sharks is on many diver’s bucket lists.

For those who are passionate about all of the oceanic creatures (and who are super adventurous) there are plenty of shark dive operations. Swim with hammerheads in the clear waters. You may also see Mako’s, marlins and even sea turtles on these thrilling excursions.

Boat Tours

For some people, seeing huge sea creatures is best from the safety of a boat. Bring your hats and some sunscreen and relax on one of the many boats that tour the waters around the peninsula. Sailboats, luxurious yachts and double-decker pontoons allow you to see vistas of the shoreline, marine life and points of interest – all from the water. Many of the cruises offer guests open bars, buffet meals and the opportunity to snorkel from the boat. The boat operators are usually very knowledgeable and will narrate as you float along.

Select a place to stay from the many vacation rentals with salty breezes near the ocean, choose your favorite excursion and go enjoy all that this area has for her guests. In the evenings, relax at ‘home’ with a tropical drink in this sand and sapphire water paradise.