There are many reasons to visit Sedona, Arizona! The outdoors, great food, wineries, culture, art and amazing scenery are just a few. Vacation rentals are a popular way to see the sights and come to a home for a relaxing evening. Rental homes can provide a way for big families to stay comfortably, with enough space for everyone. Alternatively, rental homes are also good if you desire the comfort and privacy that a hotel doesn’t necessarily provide.

An Outdoor Adventure

The area offers an outdoor playground for people who love to hike, mountain bike and explore the unique landscape. The red rocks in the Coconino National Forest are a big attraction to visitors of the area. You can bike, hike and climb through the rocks to find new heights with spectacular views.

There is biking in the area for all skill levels. Whether you are an avid mountain biker or just want a leisurely ride, you will find everything you need for an exciting day trip. The city parks offer trails for groups with different biking abilities, so everyone can ride at their own level.

Hiking and climbing enthusiasts love Sedona because it offers trails that seem to go for ever. Bring your lunch and find the perfect picnic spot to enjoy the scenery. There are many services and tours for beginners that want to go with a group in the area or if you just want to share the experience with others who love nature.


Art lovers will find great opportunities to walk and take in the local art scene in town. There are over 80 art galleries, making it a great place for artists and art lovers alike to explore and learn. If you like to purchase local art, Sedona is the right place to be for a shopping trip.

Wine Tasting

In the evening, take in a wine tasting on a patio. Wineries fill the area with the hearty taste of red rock grapes. An evening out in the area will impress even the finest connoisseurs.

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Farmers Markets

There are plenty of options for healthy and organic eating in Sedona. You can opt for local cuisine or shop for the fresh foods and prepare your own meals in your kitchen.

Why Rental Homes?

A property management rental home has many pros versus a hotel. One of the biggest reasons is the ability to cook and prepare foods in a full-sized kitchen. If you are traveling with many guests, a refrigerator is a major convenience. It is also less time-consuming and easier on a budget if meals are prepared in your own kitchen. The ability to store groceries for more than a few days will also keep you out of a grocery store and on to more interesting things to do.

A pool is one of the great things that you can get with a vacation rental. Having a private pool and enjoying the weather any time of the day can be a bonus for anyone visiting the area.

The comforts of home are more apparent in a vacation rental through a property management company. Having room to spread out, privacy, and more than one bathroom, are all options in a rental. If you are going with a larger group, it is important for everyone to have their own space and stay comfortable. A vacation rental can offer you the best in comfort and the ability to be a tourist. The comforts of home you find in local vacation rentals, can make the experience worth coming back to enjoy all this gem in Arizona has to offer.