Santa Barbara is a beautiful coastal city in southern California, located just a short drive from Los Angeles. While this city doesn’t draw as much attention as other major locations in California, its unique atmosphere and excellent location make it a favorite for many visitors. In fact, Santa Barbara is often called the “American Riviera” to describe the Mediterranean vibes that many travelers love about this city. With less than 100,000 inhabitants, Santa Barbara California is considerably small for a popular tourist destination in California. However, the size of this stunning town doesn’t detract from all that it has to offer.

Red tile roofs and white stucco buildings are two of the most distinguishing aspects of Santa Barbara architecture. These European influences mixed with the area’s Mediterranean climate have attracted countless travelers throughout the years. Tourists feel as though they are being transported to a different country when entering this town. With the backdrop of the Santa Ynez mountains and views over the Pacific Ocean, visitors can easily forget that they are only in California.

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Santa Barbara is known for more than its architectural and natural beauty. There are countless things to do in and around the city. Travelers who love the outdoors will fall in love with Santa Barbara. The surrounding mountains are perfect for hiking, camping, trekking and even mountain biking. There are also several bike paths throughout the city for those who don’t want to work so hard. Santa Barbara is designed to encourage people to walk around instead of driving. Locals and tourists alike will take to the streets in the evenings for drinks, dinner and refreshing air. The coastline also has a host of activities from which to choose. Visitors can take surfing lessons, relax on the beach, rent a boat and more.

While there are several hotels and hostels in Santa Barbara, these accommodation types aren’t the best option. Instead, visitors are encourage to consider vacation rentals. This form of accommodation has a long list of advantages when compared to more traditional types such as hotels and motels. First and foremost, a vacation rental is more personal and welcoming than hotel chains. This form of accommodation also offers visitors more flexibility in terms of how long or short they stay. Hotels typically only allow stays of a month or less. When staying in a vacation rental, travelers can stay for as long or as short as they desire.

Another major benefit of staying in vacation rentals is the variety of locations. There are rental homes scattered throughout Santa Barbara. Visitors can choose which house they prefer based on the location. For example, visitors who prefer the water can find rentals on the beach. Travelers who prefers staying closer to the city can find one in downtown Santa Barbara. When staying in hotels, visitors are rather restricted when it comes to location.

Here are some other benefits of staying in a vacation rental:


When staying in a hotel, visitors don’t have a lot of privacy. While the rooms are private, all of the common areas are shared. The pool, patio, dining hall and lawn are accessible by all the guests. Renting a vacation home in Santa Barbara ensures total privacy. Visitors can enjoy an entire home to themselves without having to worry about other guests. This is a great way to make vacation more relaxing and comfortable.

Save Money

Many people don’t consider renting a vacation home because of the cost. There is a general misconception that this form of accommodation is more expensive than more traditional options. While the nightly prices of hotels may be more affordable, longer stays tend to be cheaper when choosing a vacation rental. Property management companies typically offer special discounts and deals when guests stay for longer periods of time. On the other hand, hotels will always charge the same amount per night. Another great way to save money with a vacation rental is by cooking your own food.

Feeling at Home

A condo rental allows travelers to have the comfort of home with the excitement of a vacation destination. Even the nicest hotels don’t have that feeling of home. On the other hand, a condo is an actual home that can be rented out by travelers. This is the best way to get the feeling of home when in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara California is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the state. Renting a vacation home has countless advantages when compared to more traditional styles of accommodation. Whether looking for rentals on the beach or closer to the city, property management companies can help you find the best option available.