Puerto Vallarta Mexico is a city rich in history, atmosphere, culture, and excitement. Long a favored vacation destination for tourists planning either a long-term summer vacation or a quick romantic getaway, whatever your intentions, this city plays host to several unique things for you to experience here. Now, you can even rent homes and condos during your visit instead of dealing with a hotel.

Beyond the Beach

When you are in Puerto Vallarta, you can go to the beach and bask in the rays of the sun as you lie on the sands beside crystal clear waters. Of course, once you have experienced it for yourself, there are other things to do in addition to it. For instance, if you are in town late in the year, particularly on the 12th of December, then you might be able to catch the parade honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe, a 16th-century saint who has become a symbol of Mexican national heritage and identity.

Some of the things to do in Puerto Vallarta are not just seasonal, such as the downtown area where you can walk down the Malecon and appreciate the many open-air murals and other works of art contributed by artists from all over the world. Stretching from the millennium statue on the north side to the Esplanada Aquiles Serdán on the south side, the Malecon is situated right beside the beach for easy pedestrian access. It is the home of several of the city’s finest stores, bars, and restaurants, and it even has a bridge that allows you to walk over the Cuale River to Isla del Río Cuale. From there, you can access Gringo Gulch, the bohemian district that is known for being the home to many great writers, artists, and even movie actors and directors.


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