About Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is located on the Banderas bay. This bay has been called one of the most beautiful bays in the entire world. The Banderas bay also is one of the longest bays in the world; it measures about 42 km wide and 32 km long. Even though Puerto Vallarta has beautiful weather all year round, the best time to visit is between April and June. During this times, the weather is nice and the hotel rooms are most economical. Puerto Vallarta does have a rainy season, and that is the time when it is less crowded. Whale watching is also something enjoyable to do in PV, and the best months to whale watch are between January to March. These are also the months when you will find the most amount of tourist, so you will find higher fares for hotels and for leisure activities during that time.

Getting to Puerto Vallarta

In order to get to Puerto Vallarta, you have a variety of options. There are several cruise ships that travel to PV. Taking a cruise is a great way to see different islands and countries. Once you get off the cruise ship, you will have an entire day to tour the town. Apart from the ships, there are hundreds of flights arriving every week to PV. Traveling by car or by bus are also an option when planning on getting to Puerto Vallarta.

Where to Stay in Puerto Vallarta

You have several options when it comes to the best place to stay in PV. There are a wide number of amazing websites that you can go to in order to find vacation rentals that fit your budget. If you are going to be staying for an extended amount of time, it will be best to rent your own home. If vacation rentals are something that you are interested in, then you can investigate different hotels and bed and breakfast locations. Airbnb is a highly popular website that gives great pricing and suggestions when it comes to finding a good place to stay in PV.

Why Travel to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a great destination for a family vacation, a honeymoon, or a trip with friends. It is a town that offers beautiful beaches, and it is generally affordable. Not only is the bay one of the most beautiful in the world, but the climate is amazing as well. There is much to do in PV. There is a wide array of delicious Mexican delicacies, and apart from that, there are hundreds of shops that you can visit. It is easy to around Puerto Vallarta on foot. In reality, you could spend your entire time in Puerto Vallarta without having to worry about taking public transportation. At the same time, if you would want to take public transportation to get around, a bus, a taxi, or an Uber are extremely easy to find, and they are also economical. Puerto Vallarta will offer you a fun, relaxing, enjoyable vacation at a rate that cannot be beat.