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Come and experience the best in Gastronomic offerings Puerto Vallarta has! At Tintoque, your meal is more than simply a meal - it's a full cultural and sensory journey.


Opening their doors in 2016, Tintoque is relatively new to the restaurant scene in Puerto Vallarta! But, that hasn't stopped them from quickly rising in the ranks to become recognized as one of the best restaurants in all of Mexico. From 2019-2021, they have been named one of the "Top 120 Best Restaurants in Mexico" by Guia Mexico Gastronomico.

Their young head chef, Joel Ornelas has worked for a number of renowned restaurants across Mexico and Europe. By combining his personal flair with advanced techniques, he's able to create gourmet menus that don't disappoint! When it comes to quality, Tintoque believes in using only the best while simultaneously supporting local farmers and markets.

Location & Ambiance

Set on the Rio Cuale, Tintoque is charming in every way. Tables are set with a clean, white tablecloth and lovely wooden Chiavari chairs. Beautiful Mexican tiles border the walls and open patio space, providing a stark contrast against the classic red tiled floors. The ceilings are high, making the restaurant feel spacious and open.

Tintoque is primarily open at night from 6PM-11PM. However, on the Saturday and Sunday, they open from 11AM-3PM for brunch! If you get the chance, we highly recommend experiencing this restaurant during the day time. The setting from a patio table is perfect with greenery surrounding the perimeter and the river behind. At night, the restaurant feels much more intimate and luxurious. String lights surround the patio and inside, lighting is moody.

Tintoque's Menu

No matter what you order on the menu, you can expect to receive a dish that is both unique and aesthetically pleasing. Almost every plate and bowl has a different design and/or texture. The chefs at Tintoque take great pride in the presentation of their dishes, making for some of the most artfully designed food you will have in Vallarta. The menu itself is limited in number of items, but that's what allows Tintoque to stand out against the rest. Rather than offering quantity, they focus on quality to create memorable, tasty cuisine.

Five Course Meals

If you're looking to impress a date or simply experience the full culinary journey that Tintoque has to offer, we highly recommend ordering the five course meal. Though the menu may change, it typically begins with a snack, followed by ordered courses, pre-dessert, dessert, and petit. This tasting menu costs $1,600 MXP or just about $80 USD. For an addition charge, you can add wine pairings to your experience.

Lobster with Creamy Rice

This dish is a classic! It consists of lobster, shrimp, creamy rice, and sauteed peppers. When you order this, you will receive a 2-person portion as it's a larger dish. If you have yet to try lobster, this is your chance to taste some of the best Vallarta has to offer!

Mexican Prime Beef Filet

The Mexican Prime Beef Filet is undeniably one of top menu items. For starters, the premium filet is cooked to perfection and laid on a bed of mashed potatoes. It also comes with tarragon mayonnaise and house sauces. Lastly, it has cilantro and other garnishes for a final touch. Not only is this popular, but it's also one of the prettiest things on the menu.

Local Tips

  • Fantastic restaurant for a fancy date night or celebration.
  • The restaurant is open for dinner service Monday-Friday. On the weekends, they do offer brunch. However, they close from 3PM-6PM in preparation for dinner.
  • Reservations are highly recommended - book via their website or OpenTable.


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