About Us

We are a rental property management company that serves residents of cities in Mexico and United States. We have offered management services to property owners for the past 20 years and we boast of a reputable name in property management. We have office services in Mexican cities such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Rocky Point, Puerto Aventuras, and cities in United States including Phoenix, Tucson, and Santa Barbara. If you are planning to travel to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for business or leisure, you should consider contacting us and we will provide you access to beach rentals in the city.

Benefits of Rental Homes

Are you looking to visit Puerto Vallarta? If you are, our company gives you access to vacation homes that you can stay in when you visit the city. In fact, most people visiting Puerto Vallarta Mexico prefer to stay in rentals on the beach based on the various benefits that come with such rentals.

Some of the advantages that you get from staying in vacation rentals instead of staying in hotels when in the city are:

Access to a private kitchen

One of the major facilities that visitors who stay in rentals have access to is a fully equipped kitchen. If you are planning to visit beaches in Puerto Vallarta, you should reserve a rental home for your accommodation because you will be able to cook your own meals. Contrary to hotels where customers are served ready-made food, a rental home gives you all the kitchenware you need to prepare a meal. As a visitor, you will only need to pick your groceries in the city and buy the foodstuff that you want to cook. After that, you can prepare it within the residence using your preferred methods. By staying in rental homes while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, therefore, you will not have to incur the costs of buying food at inflated costs.

Rentals ensure that you feel like part of the city dwellers

When you are on vacation and staying in a hotel, you will always feel like a guest. Staying in hotel rooms limits the freedom that one desires while visiting a city, which not comfortable for many people who look forward to enjoying the hospitality and environments that characterize most tourist destinations. When staying in a rental home in Puerto Vallarta, you will have the freedom to live and interact like a native of the city and this brings the fulfillment that you deserve.

You get access to 24/7 support from the property management

Most rentals in the city are determined to ensure that each visitor gets the best experience while exploring the city. Although hotels serve you with meals and clean your room, you do not get the opportunity to access 24/7 support since there is a management-client relationship. Many rentals offer a tenant-landlord relationship and the services and support you will get are more advanced. Casago property management agency, for instance, will help you explore the city by providing you with the relevant information on where to go in order to shop or have fun.

Enhanced privacy for you

Staying in a rental home gives you similar optimum levels of privacy. Visitors who choose to stay in vacation homes are tenants for the desired time, which means that they can limit the number of people who can access the home. Hotel rooms offer limited levels of privacy because their clients have to contend with certain schedules when the hotel staffs need to deliver meals and clean the room. In a rental home, however, you will not be worried about having intruders in your room any time of the day.

Rentals are cheaper when your vacation is lengthy as compared to hotels.

Hotels charge clients on a daily basis. This means that they could be too expensive for you if you are staying in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for a couple of days. To save money while on vacation, you should stay in a rental home instead. This is because rentals charge a monthly rent and are ideal for people who are traveling to the city as a group. You also get spacious rooms and an ample parking space for your van. Hotels often have a general parking lot that can make access to your car inconveniencing during peak hours.

Are you looking to stay in one of the rentals on the beach in Puerto Vallarta? If you are, you can trust Casago.com to help you find high-quality vacation rentals at competitive prices any time you visit the city. For more information, contact our customer care agents through the contact details on our website.