Pet Friendly Playa del Carmen

If you are planning your next vacation and looking to take your furry friends along, you should be looking into the pet friendly Playa del Carmen! This tropical paradise is known for their beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants, and great nightlife scene. But did you know that many areas in this popular tourist destination are pet-friendly? Today we will discuss how you can have an exciting trip with your furry friend in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Where to Stay?

If you are looking for Playa del Carmen pet friendly vacation rentals, you should not have a hard time! The first thing you need to think about when searching for a pet-friendly place to stay is the size of your animal. Some hotels only allow small dogs to stay while others allow both small and large dogs. Some hotels are also specific about the number of animals you can bring, so do your research if you have more than one furry friend you would like to bring along. Also, see if there is an additional pet fee that will be added to your bill.

Vet Availability?

If you are a proactive planner, you may want to know the availability of vets near Playa del Carmen pet friendly hotels. One blogger writes about Sanimal Veterinary office and reports that the employees speak English and they provided the utmost care for her small dog when she became ill on their trip. This vet office also has basic supplies so if you forget any of your pet’s stuff, you should be able to pick up what you need at their office! So, no worries if you have animals that may need attention from a vet during the trip.

Beachin’ with Pets

You may be wondering if your pets are allowed to hang out on the beach with you. This blogger reports that there was only one sign on the beach that prohibited dogs, but the blogger reports that the entire beach is connected, so you should be safe with your furry friend. Just remember if you are told not to be in an area to be respectful!

Whether you are looking for vacation rentals or just in search of some information in general about pet services in this tropical destination, we hope we have answered some of your questions! We hope to see you soon in our little piece of paradise.