The resorts along the Caribbean Sea are known for warm and soft sandy beaches and Playa del Carmen is one of the most popular vacation destinations for many people who want to escape the cold weather during the holidays. The location of the town makes it suitable for cruise ships to dock allowing many tourists around the world to experience the sensations the city has to offer. As a vacation spot for many people visiting from across the globe, Playa del Carmen is the place to visit during the holidays with numerous fun-filled activities to make your trip worth-while. Over the years, the city has developed along with the culture of the surrounding communities by holding events that reveal the culture and stunning beauty of the area.

Cultural Events

As the city expanded due to the annual tourist arrival, the city in collaboration with other cultural organizations have held large events exclusive to the public in various secluded sites. Cultural events are often the main attraction in the town with profound significance to the local communities’ beliefs. ”Day of the Dead” is among the cultural events that take part from 1st to 3rd November, and it is accompanied by fascinating shows about the cultural significance of the rituals of Dia de Los Muertos.

Taste of Playa

Playa del Carmen is home to world-class chefs who are given the opportunity to gather during the annual ”Taste of Playa” an event that allows all to taste the different foods from around the globe. The food tasting event is set with a fantastic view of the Caribbean waters. All cultures are represented in this food event that unifies the four corners.

Photography Contest

Want to learn how to take memorable underwater photographs? Check out the ” Riviera Maya Scuba diving photo contest.” The contest includes a photography seminar to ensure that it is educational as well as fun. The Playa del Carmen events are usually held during the first week of December with packages to prepare you for the scheduled activities. Marine life around the chosen location of the contest is guaranteed to mesmerize you.

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

Since the 19th century, the Caribbean has been known for its music and to be specific Jazz music. Playa del Carmen events include a ” Riviera Maya Jazz Festival” that is known to host the most spectacular jazz events annually. The city incorporates music with other fun activities to ensure the most fun at all time during your stay.


Vacation rentals within the city are deluxe with a great sense of serenity with a view of exotic sandy beaches and palm trees along the beach line. With a hilly landscape, many vacation rentals are built on hilltops with the most breathe taking the view of both the city and the ocean. Locations in the city provide all the necessary amenities you require and top-notch security for making your stay home-like. If the sea is your type of scene, visit the magical town of Playa del Carmen for a lifetime experience.