Playa del Carmen is a beach town located on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. It is part of the classic Riviera Maya route of the Caribbean Coast. It is a popular destination for people who look for something different than a resort with combined activities. Vacation rentals are available throughout the whole area.

Here are some highlights of Playa del Carmen:

The Cenotes

One of the best things to do outdoors at the beach is snorkeling at the cenotes. A cenote is an underground cave full of fresh water. The sinkholes that contain these waters are openings to the vast underground rivers of the Yucatan peninsula. Scuba diving is also possible in those caves. Some of the most popular cenotes for snorkeling are Cenote Dos Ojos and Gran Cenote.

Archaeological Sites

The ancient town of Tulum holds the ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization. Tulum is located on the southern part of the Carmen beach. The ancient ruins are located next to a beautiful beach that is open for tourists to swim in. Coba is the alternative place to visit for Mayan sites. It has fewer visitors than the Tulum ruins. The ancient pyramids of the sites are open for climbing by visitors.


If you love sea turtles, the Akumal beach is located just 30 minutes off the Carmen beach. The water is shallow and is home to rare turtle species swimming along your side as you enjoy the blue-green waters.


If you want to journey off with a boat, go to Cozumel — an island with beaches that greet cruise ships. The place can be visited for a day with for scooter driving or hitchhiking. When there are no ships, the beaches are open to visitors. A ferry boat transports the tourists between the island and the mainland.


Scuba divers have a place to dive into the sparkling waters at the beach. The cenote caves and reefs off the coast are open to scuba diving. The only thing that is needed is to get a PADI open water diving certification that can be acquired in the area.


For people who enjoy nightlife wherever they go, you’ll love the scene at Coco Bongo nightclub. There are shows by flying acrobats, movie characters, and rock improvisers that sing away the night on stage.

For those that miss the city life, walking down “La Quinta” is another option. It is a pedestrian-only street full of shops, bars, restaurants. It’s a place to stroll, to socialize or just drink a cup of coffee with a friend.