Experience the comfort and luxury of renting a condo in the location of your dreams. Live in a beautiful home, close to all of the features and activities of the exciting city of Playa del Carmen. Have plenty of room for your friends or family, and live in a cozy environment that will make you feel right at home.

A condo will have many features that you can use to your advantage, also at a fraction of living in a hotel. For one, you have access to a kitchen. Cook your own food and save money on eating out by planning meals. Having your own spot to rest, eat, and cook can help you enjoy your time in Playa del Carmen even more.

Another benefit to having a luxury condo is that you have your own space to entertain. Have guests over and let them relax in your living room, or enjoy a home cooked meal with you in the kitchen.

Condos have another plus in that they can sleep more people comfortably. You and all of your loved ones will cherish the time that you spend in your condominium home.

Condos let you live like a local, in a beautiful space that is furnished and available with all of the best features of having your own home. You will also have quiet and privacy that is not available in staying in a hotel. A condo is much more comfortable and gives an experience that is close to home. Enjoy your vacation or your time spent traveling in your very own condo.

We have properties in many different locations. Your condo in Playa del Carmen will be a peaceful retreat where you can rest after a long day exploring all of the fantastic things that this part of Mexico has to offer. Get a taste of the authentic Mexican experience. In a condo, you will be away from the tourist that you usually encounter at hotels or resorts. Enjoy having plenty of room to stretch out, and feel free in your very own condo.

Ask us about our selection of condos today. You can sit on your own private patio and entertain. Some condos have their own private pool which is ideal for families with children or to swim in at your leisure. Condos have everything a hotel has and much more. Become part of a community and have a real, local experience in one of the most famous cities for beach lovers.

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#1 Beach Town

Playa del Carmen is a city located on the shores of the Caribbean sea, located in the municipality of Solidaridad, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It is one of the Mayan Riviera’s trendiest vacation destinations. It is a bustling town with a great location on a part of the Caribbean shoreline. Playa del Carmen is near cities like Tulum, Cozumel and plenty of sightseeing attractions. It is a thriving city with modern luxuries like gourmet restaurants, shopping options, and residential developments.

US News Report ranked Playa del Carmen to be the #1 beach town. Enjoy the beautiful sights of the ocean, and take walks on the shore. The warm climate is perfect to relax and enjoy any time of the year. There are many fun beach activities to do. Snorkel or scuba dive near a beautiful coral reef. Nearby there are Mayan ruins to explore as well as amazing forests. Other favorite activities are taking a boat trip to Cozumel Island or explore beautiful caves of Rio Secreto. For nightlife, you can visit the nightclub, Coco Bongo.

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