Rental properties have quickly risen to the top to become one of the leading accommodation choices for travelers. Since the beginning of modern civilization, people have always preferred to stay in hotels while in traveling. This was mainly attributable to their convenience and ability to provide reliable accommodation services.As the world becomes more integrated, there has been a need for individuality. In the modern age, however, people prefer to make decisions based on merits. Travelers prefer to stay in vacation properties as opposed to hotels because they feel they are getting an overall better deal.

Hotels are synonymous with high numbers of people. Although there is order and procedures that ensure people co-exist in harmony, staying in a hotel lacks some aspect of privacy. This is why vacation properties have become so popular within the last few decades.

Save Money and Get More Space

The cost of staying in a vacation rental is significantly lower as compared to staying in a hotel. This is because you get to enjoy a bigger space as compared to the amount of space that you get in a hotel. On average, vacation rentals are approximately 2000 sq ft while most hotel rooms are around 400sq ft.

The ample space can be quite advantageous to people who travel with their families and friends. This is because the cost of getting a room for all the individuals you are traveling with can be quite high. On a vacation property, you can share the various bedrooms in your rental property just like you do while at home. This allows you to save money that you could have spent paying for the extra rooms in a hotel.

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The money saved on accommodation helps to make holidays more affordable, implying that the people who stay in rental condos are more likely to enjoy holidays more often. The money you save will also your family to enjoy more fun activities such as exploring the city and learning new activities.Privacy is another key benefit of a vacation rental. Due to an increasingly socialized life, people have a great need for privacy, especially while on vacation. People often take vacations so that they can switch off from their daily lives in the office. The last thing they want is dealing with lots of people, as it is common in hotels.

The privacy of rental condos is also critical for people who have introvert characters. Due to cultural differences, some people prefer to enjoy their time privately. This allows them to be themselves and act as they would wish without having to worry about who is looking. A private residence can also be beneficial for travelers who need the seclusion so that they can hold their reunions or parties and not disturb their next room neighbors.

At Casago property management agencies, we are experts in ensuring that you can find this type of vacation rentals. We have been in the business of managing rental properties for the last two decades. This has given us the knowledge and skills required to satisfy our customers as well as the people we serve.


We are experts specializing in property management for rentals on the beach in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. In the last two decades, we have established relationships with property owners throughout most cities in Mexico as well as in USA. As such, we are able to provide visitors with some of the most luxurious homes at competitive prices. Our rentals on the beach in Playa Del Carmen Mexico allow our renters to enjoy this coastal resort town from a home-like environment.

Beautiful views from your Condo

Playa Del Carmen Mexico is renowned for its palm lined beaches that are next to the Caribbean Sea. This means that you will get to enjoy scenic views while relaxing in your rental home or condo. The city is full of activities and things to do ranging from great shops to the nightlife that has sufficient bars that cater for the layback traveler as well as those who want to dance the night out.

The nearby Playacar is renowned for its luxurious life. It boasts of a top of the line luxurious golf club and a high life feeling. The beaches in Playa Del Carmen Mexico have clear waters and beautiful white sands. In the fifth avenue, there are lots of shopping areas as well as a great nightlife. While in this city, you can also visit the 3D museums or the nearby Fundadores Park that has a kid’s playground area. Besides enjoying the various displays in the museums, you can also enjoy performances by traditional Mayan dancers.