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Playa Del Carmen offers some of the best beaches, rooftop pools, restaurants, cenotes, and beach clubs in Mexico. If you are planning a vacation, consider visiting Playa Del Carmen and rent a vacation rental at Mareazul Playa Del Carmen Mexico.

Vacation Rentals at Mareazul Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Get a condo or a home as a vacation rental at Mareazul holiday resort. The condos have between two and four bedrooms. You can find restaurants on the resort and a golf course like Nick Price Golf Course that is 2 minutes away. You can access shopping two miles away at 5th Avenue and groceries 2 miles away at Walmart and Mega. Cancun Airport is thirty miles away and accessible. The resort also offers a botanical garden, sculpture garden, beach club, gym, beach chairs, beach front, steam room, and an infinity room as part of the vacation rentals,

Our property management services ensure that your stay at Mareazul is comfortable and safe. Select one of our four properties and enjoy your vacation in Playa Del Carmen.

Things to do in Playa del Carmen Mexico

Eat at La Perla Pixan Cuisine

It can prove challenging to find authentic local cuisine in this location. This is because the tourist site is full of imported chains of restaurants started by celebrity chefs. La Perla offers traditional and delicious Mayan food together with live music performances. Order the traditional tlayuda or any of the numerous dishes consisting of grasshoppers. Seriously! They are delicious! Having authentic Mexican food is one of the top things to do in this place.

Explore Chichen Itza

The Mayan ruins are part of the New Seven Wonders of the World. They are located at Chichen Itza and offer a stunning site. Chichen Itza is a top archaeological site in Mexico. The location is buried deep in the jungle and is challenging to access. The drive is two hours, and you can drive yourself or be part of a tour that visits the site.

Swim in a Cenote

The best place to swim in Playa del Carmen is not in the ocean but a cenote. A cenote is an underground swimming hole formed as a result of limestone bedrock giving way to underground springs and rivers. The Yucatan peninsula has thousands of them. Cenotes are many, but the most popular among the locals is Cenote Azul. Visit a cenote as part of a tour or rent a car and drive to one.

Visit Lido’s Beach Club

Most of the beachfront in Playa Del Carmen has been used by beach clubs or exclusive resorts that charge exorbitant prices for renting a beach chair. Hence, it can be hard to get an affordable and comfortable sand stretch. At Lido’s Beach Club, beach loungers are free, and there is no minimum amount one has to spend.

Be Playa’s Rooftop Pool

It can be quite relaxing to relax at a rooftop roof in this majestic city. The pool located on the rooftop of the stylish Be Playa Hotel is popular in the town. To enjoy the pool, you require spending at least $ 9.6 per head. However, this cost is only half of what other rooftop pools charge and the experience will be worthwhile. You will enjoy delicious drinks and a crowd-free pool.

Visit Xpu Ha

Xpu Ha is a secluded beach in Playa Del Carmen. You will be able to enjoy clear waters and white sandy beaches that are free from crowds. However, the beach charges $2.4 at the entrance.


Eating at La Perla Pixan Cuisine, explore Chichen Itza, swimming in a Cenote, visiting Lido’s Beach Club, Be Playa’s Rooftop Pool, and visiting Xpu Ha are some of the things to do at Playa Del Carmen. Our property management services will ensure you feel comfortable and at home.