If you are traveling near the Gulf of California, you may come across the small historical coastal town of Loreto Mexico. From charming local handicraft shops to the beauty of the coast, Loreto is an irresistible town to visit. It is also the home of several preserved missions dating back as early as the 1800’s. When visiting Loreto, tourists must stop and see the most well-preserved mission in the peninsula, Misión de San Francisco Javier. Other missions are visible throughout the area, and some offer guided tours, including San Javier mission, which also offers a desert tour.

Bay of Loreto National Park offers an abundant amount of outdoor activities, including fishing, hiking, and sunbathing on the beautiful coastline under the warm sun. There are thousands of different types of fish in Loreto and several restaurants that encourage you to bring your own catch for their kitchen to cook up for you. Bay of Loreto National Park is a must-see hidden gem that includes various types of tours and nature watching. When visiting, you may enjoy dolphin and whale watching as they are frequently seen frolicking the area. Snorkeling in the park is a surreal experience with clear waters and a vast amount of colorful fish and sea life. The beaches stretch for miles along the coastline, allowing space and privacy to visitors while enjoying sunbathing or digging their toes in the soft glistening sand.

Loreto Mexico brings enjoyment to both land and sea lovers. La Giganta Sierra mountain range is a beautiful, low traffic area offering several hiking trails up the mountain. Small streams between the rocks can be seen and often require wading through. Bird watching is popular in this area and tours are offered daily.

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