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Our firm is a vacation rentals property management service provider that helps different property owners manage their rental properties on a daily basis. For over 20 years, we have dedicated our resources to creating a name for ourselves and caring for property owners that we have represented during this time. Our services are currently available in several U.S. cities spanning the country, while we also serve Mexican cities including Loreto, La Paz, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Aventuras, Cabo San Lucas, and Rocky Point. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality services while ensuring that investors in commercial and residential properties get attractive returns on their investments.

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5 Reasons that make Rental Homes Better than Hotel Rooms

Some of the factors that make rental homes attractive to travelers as compared to hotel rooms are:

  • Vacation homes are more affordable as compared to hotel rooms.


Whether traveling for a business trip or a family vacation, many people are on a limited budget and want to save wherever they can. As more people seek ways to minimize vacation spending, many are turning to stays at vacation rentals because it is more economical when compared to staying in a hotel room. Hotels charge customers a daily room rate, which can increase costs for families and groups when compared to rental homes that offer more space as well as weekly or monthly options. A rental home, therefore, is more economical when you want to stay for an extended time, or with a larger group, when compared to having to pay the daily room rate charged by hotels.


  • Staying in a vacation home provides more freedom than at a hotel.


Hotels often have a routine dictating when meals are served and when rooms are cleaned. How comfortable are you when a hotel attendee knocks on your door early in the morning for housekeeping? If you’re not comfortable with such routines, then the best option is to stay in a rental home where you set your own schedule based on what is convenient for you. You won’t have to wait for meals to be delivered or for your room to be cleaned. Rather, you can enjoy the freedom of choosing when to eat or clean up just as if you were at home.


  • A rental home gives you access to a kitchen where you can cook your own meals.


Dining out can often drive up the costs of vacation. Many hotels serve clients high-quality meals but at significantly expensive rates. If you choose to live in a rental home, you will not have to rely on restaurant meals as you’ll have a fully equipped kitchen within your own home. This provides the opportunity to explore nearby markets for items so you can prepare your favorite dishes. Having one’s own kitchen is also beneficial for those with dietary needs, or who are cautious of what they eat, as you won’t have to worry about ingredients used in cooking or methods used. Vacation rentals provide the ease of preparing your favorite meal using your preferred ingredients as you’ll have a fully equipped kitchen within the home.


  • If you plan to travel as a group to Loreto, vacation rentals are your best bet.


Most hotels do not offer a single room that can accommodate a group of more than three or four people. This can be an inconvenience for larger families and groups. If you have kids you need to watch over, or elderly parents that have accompanied you, having them in a separate room can be bothersome for both you and them. A vacation rental home makes things easier to accommodate all of you. Rental homes also provide all the conveniences of what you enjoy back home.


  • 24/7 customer service from property management


Most vacation homes are managed by a property management office that offers support services to ensure clients enjoy their stay at the property. Every property management office is determined to distinguish itself by offering high-quality services. This ensures you will receive high-quality services during your stay at a vacation rental.

Vacation rental homes have become more popular in the past decade and are rapidly replacing hotel rooms as a preferred accommodation for people traveling across Mexico. Are you looking for a vacation home in Loreto Mexico?  Casago offers affordable vacation homes to Loreto vacationers throughout the year. Contact us today for further information and inquiries.