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If you are looking for the perfect place to rent on vacation, look no further than the spectacular resort community of El Mirador, Los Cabos, México.

Vacation Rentals in Cabo

El Mirador Condominiums.

On the rolling hills of San José del Cabo, within one of the most exclusive areas of this paradise, “El Mirador” rises from the ground and overlooks its surroundings with majesty and glee. Inside the gated and guarded community, luxurious green areas intertwine with splendid architecture and breathtaking views and create an experience that can be found only in this magical place.

Its location seems to be created for comfort and with easy going life in mind, being just five minutes away from the downtown area, where the Art Walk breeds splendorous art galleries and jewelries mixed with wine and fine dining. Next to the complex, within walking distance and a short three minute car ride from its gate, cinemas and department stores thrive. In front, just across the lightly transited road, a park opens and covers the dessert ground with green grass and palm trees. Another short ride or twenty minute walk in the pleasant winter weather away, the beach blends its white, thick sands with the roaring waves and steel blue waters that foam in the surf.
Inside the compound, eight towers stretch their arms into the sky, housing homes and families; a pool provides comfort from the heat in the warm temperatures and a heated Jacuzzi enhances the experience and makes it a true rival for luxury hotels. A gymnasium is nested inside the complex, allowing for fitness enthusiasts to continue on their regime and offering a healthy living for those who wish to stay. A charcoal grill has been provided, inviting you to celebrate with friends the sheer joy of the beauty of Paradise.

And the view, as it happens many times in Los Cabos, is saved for last as the perfect jewel to the crown. From the sea and horizon merging and creating magnificent blasts of color every sunrise and sunset, all the way into the estuary where palm trees surround a fresh water body that flows through the dessert and creates a segregated paradise for migrating birds escaping from the cold, harsh winters of the north. From seagulls and pelicans in the beach to fishing eagles, ducks and hawks, the entire land turns into a beacon of peace for all visitors, including the majestic whales that spew mist into the horizon and are easy to spot with binoculars during the mating season and the manta rays as they carry the tradition set by their ancestors to try and fly.

Welcome to a place to call home, and in which your heart can rejoice. Welcome to El Mirador; The Sight Site of San José del Cabo.