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If you are looking for the perfect place to take a vacation, you should consider Vista Vela in Los Cabos Baja California.Inside the beauty of Cabo San Lucas, with a stunning view of The Arch which serves as a gate between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez and the cove that is the beach area, lays a wonderful residential compound like no other before.

From the peace of its club house, where multiple living rooms decorated in forms that reminisce of the beach and the waves of the sea mix with dinners and a wonderful bar, a stone-top kitchen and outer tables that overlook an infinity edge pool and the emerald color of the grass blades and its palm trees, the compound stretches far and wide with the comfort of knowing that half a mile away rests the sea and downtown waits but a few minutes away.

As security keeps their rounds 24/7, the Exercise Room, pool lounge chairs and the many amenities in the club house are available for your enjoyment for as long as your heart desires. The streets, made from hydraulic concrete pressed into the soil, form the ample roads that lead into the multiple homes in wonderful architecture and the myriad of dreams that come true every day when looking into the horizon.

Welcome to this paradisiac land of dreams, and to the resort where those dreams come true at last. Welcome to Vista Vela Resort.

Things to do in and around Cabo

When planning a vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is having fun. Part of our goal as a property management company is to arrange for amazing activities that will give our clients a good time as they stay with us.

Dance All Night

One of the things to do in Cabo is party all night! This is because this area is known for its lively nightclubs, cantinas, and bars.

Take in the Culture

You can also take a walk through the old towns surrounding Los Cabos as you explore the breathtaking atmosphere and colonial architectural works.

Dine Out

You could also choose to enjoy the coastal cuisines that feature the delicious dishes that you are sure to enjoy. If you don’t feel like a big meal, grab a couple tacos which is a meal that defines a trip to Mexico!

Catch a Wave

For surfing enthusiasts, the waves around Cabo provide a fantastic opportunity for you to display your surfing skills.

If you would rather stay indoors, then our vacation rentals have you covered because there is a wide range of things to do. For instance, you could swim in the beachfront swimming pools or relax in the jacuzzi as you sip one of the extraordinary drinks we have to offer.

Whale Watching

With the ocean clearly visible from our rentals, you might see the whale migration as you relax in your room. Alternatively, you could take part in one of the arranged tours for a close-up view.