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Whether you are a tourist or a local, Idaho Condominiums ensures you have a great stay at Los Cabos. Additionally, there are numerous things you can do while on vacation at Los Cabos.

Vacation Rentals at Idaho Condominiums Los Cabos, Mexico

Idaho Condominiums Los Cabos comprises two towers of elegance, which are unique. You can get a vacation rental that is ideal for your needs and budget. Here, you will get prime ocean front sites, five-star amenities, and excellent services. You can drink cocktails as you watch the sunset with family or friends on the beach, soak up the rays of the sun while inside a private Jacuzzi, and also get a hot stone massage by the side of the pool.
Book a condo at our vacation rental and enjoy top-notch services as a result of our excellent property management services. Whether you are here for a honeymoon, a getaway with friends, or a family vacation, we will meet all your vacation needs at this resort. Close to the property, you will find personal butlers, fitness centers, fine restaurants, on-site spas, and kids’ clubs.

Things to do in Los Cabos Mexico

Learn Cooking

Mexican food has a deep tradition and high complexity. For this reason, the cuisine was named to the 2010’s UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Los Cabos has a variety of cooking classes where you can learn to be part of this Mexican culture. You can learn to cook sizzling steaks, tortilla soup, and freshly fried fish among other meals. Also learn to prepare mescal, margaritas, Jamaica juices, tamarind, rice milk, and more drinks.

Swim in Hot Springs

Baja Peninsula is supplied with hot springs and freshwater by underground aquifers. Visit Santiago where you can engage in hiking of the Biosphere Sierra de la Laguna, which is a desert oasis filled with tiny cascades and pools of fresh water.

Drink Mexican Wines

On one of your afternoons, go for wine tasting classes at the Cape Hotel. You will get the opportunity to sip and sample wines made in Mexico. Mexico not only offers beer, tequila, and mescal, but it also provides some of the best wines in South America. Some of the wines you can taste are Valle de Guadalupe’s grenache or Casa Madero’s chardonnay. Casa Madero is the sixth oldest winery in the world while Valle de Guadalupe is one of the fastest growing wine regions in the north of Baja.

Whale Watching

Whale watching tours are offered between March and November. Be part of this yearly occasion where humpback whales visit the region to give birth due presence of salty and warm waters. This happens during winter after which these mammals swim back to Alaska during summer.

Visit San Jose Del Cabo

The peaceful side streets and the colonial architecture of San Jose del Cabo contrast the noisy nightclubs in Cabo San Lucas. Numerous galleries welcome visitors for weekly art walks. Visitors are served with wine and mescal. Check out many pretty dresses, leather handbags, and hand-made table lines at Indian Hands.


Our vacation rentals are ideal for both your budget and needs. Our property management services have customized the property to suit the needs of both our current and potential clients. Learning how to cook Mexican cuisine, swimming in hot springs, drinking Mexican wines, whale watching, and visiting San Jose Del Cabo are some of the top things to do in Los Cabos. These activities will ensure that you not only have a memorable holiday, but you will also carry this rich culture home with you.