The best and most frequented vacation rentals know how to make their guests feel special. From the moment a guest steps into your vacation home, it’s important they feel welcome and like a true VIP.

At Casago, we go above and beyond to help make vacationers always feel at home, whether it’s at a ski retreat in Snowshoe, West Virginia or a beach getaway in Cancun. It’s going to be amazing! We’ve put together the top seven welcome gift ideas that are sure to please your vacation rental guests.

Personalized Welcome Sign or Card

A handwritten/personalized welcome sign or card is classic, perfect, and sure to be appreciated by your guests. It doesn’t have to be anything grand (but it can, if you want!) and it should be something that’s easy to see when the guests first walk in. We’re not talking about a “Welcome” banner strung across the wall, but something more elegant or whimsical, whichever fits with your vacation rental’s theme/mood.

What should you write? It depends, but keep it simple and heartfelt. “Welcome to Tucson! Thank you for choosing our home & we hope you enjoy your stay.”

A few ideas for the personalized welcome sign or card:

  • Small blackboard with handwritten message in chalk, ideal for kitchens
  • Magnetic whiteboard with handwritten message, also ideal for kitchens
  • Printed personalized message on cardstock, framed and placed on a table in the entryway
  • The words “Welcome SMITH Family” spelled out in Scrabble® tiles on a game board displayed on a coffee table
  • Don’t forget to coordinate any welcome materials with the theme of the vacation home or to reflect the location.

Local Snacks and Artisan Goods

Artisan treats and take-home items are a great welcome gift. Giving your guests something local can help introduce them to the region (perfect if they’re first-timers) and it establishes a connection to the community. Not sure if your city or area has special, local food? Give your Chamber of Commerce a call. They should be able to tell you what it is and where to get it.

Got a vacation home rental in Santa Barbara? A bottle of wine is a definite go-to with the northern region being part of wine country. However, you could also include a small bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and some dipping snacks. The dressing originated in Santa Barbara.

Maybe you have a beach rental in Loreto, Mexico. Consider looking to local artisans for small items that could be included in a welcome basket: hand-made soaps, candles, chocolates, teas, and locally roasted coffee beans (or ground if the rental doesn’t have a bean grinder). Don’t forget to stock the fridge with local produce or bakery.

Adult Beverages

A single bottle of wine can make an elegant (and easy) welcome gift for your vacation rental guests. Display it on the counter where it can be seen easily and be sure to include a card to let the guest know it’s a welcome gift. If possible, choose a wine from a local vineyard. If the vineyard offers tastings or tours, add that information to the card as well.

It doesn’t have to be just wine. Stick to the “think local” theme and welcome your guests with a basket of single shots from a nearby distillery or maybe the makings for margaritas in your beach condo in San Carlos.

Gift Card to Local Restaurant, Activity, or Entertainment

Providing your guests with information regarding local restaurants, activities, and entertainment venues is essential. They need to know what’s around, the favorite hot-spots for the best steak dinner or where to rent scuba equipment for the day. However, a gift card to a local place is an extra special item to include in a welcome card or basket for your guests.

It may be possible to partner with a local business, like a coffee shop or restaurant. Meet with the owner and explain you’re looking to buy several gift cards to give to your rental guests. You may be able to arrange a discount or other type of deal when you buy in bulk or for future purchases.

Gift Basket of Luxury Personal Care Items

After a long day (or night) of travel, a guest will enjoy a gift basket with luxury personal care items. Keep your rental’s theme in mind when choosing items, look for local goods, and always lean toward luxury. What to include in the basket:

  • Lotions
  • Body wash, body butter
  • Bath bomb, bath salts
  • Face masks and scrubs
  • Scented candle(s)
  • Bath mitt, loofah, or shower sponge
  • Nail care items
  • Aromatherapy items


Flowers brighten up a room and make a great welcome gift. Consider an arrangement that can sit as a centerpiece on a table or counter. Include a card that welcomes the guests and lets them know the flowers are a gift. Talk to your local florist and choose an arrangement with low-pollen flowers for allergy sufferers. These may include tulips, roses, some lilies, and hydrangea. A cactus is the perfect welcome gift for your Phoenix or Scottsdale rental home.

Personal Theme Gift

Often your guests are vacationing with a purpose, usually a celebration of some sort. It may be a wedding or bachelor/bachelorette getaway, a family reunion, honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, or even a business/bleisure trip. A welcome gift that coordinates with the reason the guest is visiting, adds a personal touch they’ll love.

Maybe you have guests coming in for a golf getaway? Add a sleeve of balls from the nearby golf course or a gift card to the clubhouse restaurant. A bottle of champagne is an elegant gift idea for honeymooners or an anniversary celebration. For a family with kids, a basket with kid-friendly snacks, playing cards, stickers, and a coloring book that relates to the local region (beach, ocean, desert) is a thoughtful gift.

It Takes More Than a Welcome Gift

While welcome gifts can make an impression, it’s important to remember that the best way to impress guests and make them feel welcome, is to provide a smooth check-in process and ensure that the property is ready and in top shape before the guest arrives. Casago can help you with that. We are industry leaders in property management and we take it to the next level.


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