Are you planning your first vacation to Rocky Point, Mexico? You will be happy to know that it is overflowing with fun things to do. In fact, the hardest thing about this trip will be deciding what to do and when. It is particularly well known for its beautiful beaches, fine dining, and unforgettable adventure tours.


First, let’s talk food. Rocky Point restaurants offer just about anything your palate craves. Since it’s so close to the U.S. border, many Rocky Point restaurants specialize in steaks, burgers, pizza, and barbecue. But don’t worry, there’s delicious Mexican food too! And for breakfast, there is the deservedly popular Coffee Haus which specializes in fresh pastries, fruit salads, coffee, and espresso.


Are you hoping to bring home some special souvenirs from your trip? You’ll find quality souvenirs, unique artworks, handmade clothing, jewelry, sculptures, furniture, and more.


There are many beautiful beaches here. One of the most popular is Sandy Beach. Spend the day lounging while the kids play and you won’t even have to go anywhere for supplies since waiters from nearby restaurants will bring you food and drinks.

Water Activities

For a more adventurous day by the ocean there are countless water activities going on all day. One particularly popular activity is kite surfing. Perhaps even more popular is snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Both of these activities provide an excellent look at the areas unique and abundant marine life. This activity is perfect here considering the abundant marine life, extreme clarity of the waters, and the many reefs and coves of the ocean floor. There are many instructors in the area that are happy to teach you everything you need to know about the ins and outs of scuba diving.

Want an affordable but very enjoyable Rocky Point excursion for your family? Take a Banana Boat Ride for $5 per person. This is an especially popular activity with the kiddie crowd.

Or for another boating excursion, you can opt for the pricier kayaking trip. Kayak vacation rentals are available for booking at Kayak Rocky Point.

There is also the incredibly popular jet skiing. While you relax on the shore this is an activity you will commonly witness. But you can easily get in on the act if you have a notion. While most tourists bring their own jet skis, there are vacation rentals facilities available for it.

Rocky Point Sunsets

Rocky Point places are famous for their breathtaking sunsets. This is the main reason why its Sunset Cruises are so popular. There are many kinds of cruises and several different areas so do your shopping to find exactly what suits you.