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Let your stunning Arcata Vacation Rental set the vibe for your upcoming coastal getaway. Explore all the city has to offer on the North Coast of California. Best noted as the home of Humboldt State University, Arcata is quite a small town, but it has much to offer those visiting the area. From some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the region to direct access to the ocean itself, it is a timeless treasure that is very easy to enjoy no matter what time of the year you visit.

Exploring the Town of Arcata

When booking rentals in Arcata CA, location is everything. The city, which is often referred to as the area “behind the Redwood Curtain,” is stunning when it comes to its location. It is home to Redwood Park, a fantastic location that offers biking trails and hiking paths throughout the Redwoods and dense forests in the area. It is also one of the best parks in the city for a playground for children of all ages.

At the heart of the city is Arcata Plaza. It’s the home to lots of events that take place here, including the Arcata Oyster Festival and the Farmer’s Markets. You will find it is also the perfect place to sit and relax. Finding an Airbnb in Arcata, CA, near the plaza is an excellent choice because it is within a short walk of just about everything in the city, including fun restaurants and shops.

Located on Arcata Bay, there are boating and fishing areas nearby, as well as some great rocky shores to explore. You may wish to learn about the city’s history at the Native American Arts Gallery or visit the Reese Bullen Gallery for some local art and historically charming exhibits.

Exploring the Arcata’s Food Scene

Arcata is noted for being the ideal place for sustainable living and vegetarian lifestyles, but it also has some of the most eclectic restaurants to check out. That includes locations on the plaza itself as well as those that are near the Minor Theater, along G Street, and along 13th Street. Whether you are looking for a fabulous sandwich are fresh seafood, it’s here. There are lots of Mexican, Italian, and barbeque-inspired restaurants in the area, too.

Stick around at night for a bit of fun. Your Arcata vacation rentals are likely to be near the city’s nightlife. There’s often live music taking place in the city. Humboldt Brewery and The Metro on G. Street are the best places to find it. There are lots of fun bars and clubs in the region, too, including The Pub at The Creamery and SALT Fish House.

Find Your Home Away from Home

Whether you are looking for rentals in Arcata, CA, that offer a fantastic view or a good location right off the plaza, you are sure to find them here. Our Arcata property management team is here to help you, too. Visit with confidence, knowing you will love this small college town and everything it has to offer.

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